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4 Reasons Everyone’s Upgrading to Logos 5

Last week was a bit of a blur for lots of us at Logos, but one thing is clear: everyone’s excited about Logos 5. So excited that Logos.com had to add two new Web servers after we crashed Thursday morning, and even then, we could barely keep up with the demand. You’ve been calling in, tweeting, sharing, pinning, and posting in the forums about how awesome Logos 5 is—thanks!

When I started playing with Logos 5 a few weeks ago, I was thrilled. I still get excited every time I open it. So do my friends in seminary. So do our pastors. So do the thousands of people who have jumped on board with Logos 5 since we launched.

If you haven’t upgraded to Logos 5 yet, you’re seriously missing out.

1. Amazing features

Upgrading to Logos 5 gives you access to remarkable new ways to explore and understand the Bible, whether it’s studying the Bible by topic, browsing all of Christian history on the Timeline, or examining the nuances of Greek and Hebrew with the Bible Sense Lexicon—and these are only a few of the remarkable new features in Logos 5!

2. More books

Logos 5 base packages are brand-new: not only do they all have new features, but they also include new books. We didn’t just throw a few more titles into the existing base packages—we took them apart and rebuilt them from scratch, making sure each package had books that complemented its new features. When you upgrade, you keep all the books you currently own and infuse your library with even more books that fit your Bible study needs.

3. New interface

Logos 5 just looks cool. It’s easy to navigate, and it gives you exactly what you need. It’s elegant and intuitive, and it’s no surprise that everyone else wants in on it.

4. Awesome discount

The Custom Upgrade Discount Calculator analyzes your current Logos library and creates a discount tailored to you. You only pay for what’s new to your library. You never lose your current Logos library. You keep your titles from Logos 4, Libronix, and any earlier version of Logos. In fact, your discount reflects your purchase history. Now throw a payment plan for up to 18 months into the mix, and you’re left with a phenomenal deal on phenomenal software.

When I started writing this post, I was a little worried that one of my coworkers would look over my shoulder and snicker at how excited I sound. I didn’t have to be, though. Everyone is excited about Logos 5—my coworkers, my church group, my friends, the thousands of brand-new Logos 5 users, and me. And with a lineup of reasons like these, you should be excited about upgrading, too.

For those of you who have Logos 5 already: did I leave out any good reasons to upgrade? Let me know in the comments!

It’s time to upgrade to Logos 5. See your special pricing options with the Custom Upgrade Discount Calculator.

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  • I’m only missing out because Logos hasn’t offered me the right upgrade option yet :) But I understand the minimal crossgrade is coming.

  • It is faster to navigate without the freezing that I sometimes got in the old one when doing lots of window switching.
    The extra resources were not exactly what I was looking for, but I’m sure they’ll come in handy. Fortunately the scholars silver upgrade wasn’t that pricey and I think quite reasonable given all the work on android/iphone. I can understand how it might be expensive if you only bought the base package, but as someone who has invested heavily, it’s good value.
    I think the best thing about logos is the continued development of software to make my library more accessible! very impressed!

    • This is what I want to hear! Yes, great getting new resources but for a significant upgrade (at a cost) we should expect improvements to the interface speed and ease of use! Is ther more information on this somewhere???

  • Can someone explain to me the minimal crossgrade please? I really want to upgrade but the current package upgrade is kinda of expensive for me at the moment (worth it…but just high for me at the moment).

    • Hi Clay,

      They’ll come out with the minimum crossover in a few weeks or month, etc. Not sure when. But it will be a small price to upgrade, although I’m still not sure if it will include all the new tools. Here’s hoping!

  • Clay, as a fellow Logos user, I am thinking of two things. 1), in the past, there was a minimal cross grade. this allowed one to make a purchase of a few resources, and minimal cost–I think somewhere between 50 and 80 dollars–and to get the logos engine. also offered as the 2) logos engine, for free. no discounted resources, none of the add-ins (and now, new database resources) that could make the experience any better, but it does give the new interface and performance enhancements–for FREE. My guess it what is coming down the pike will be similar, but it is ONLY MY guessssss. Hope it atleast serves to orient you without causing you to expect Logos to fulfill what I recollect from the past, to the letter.

  • Can’t wait for the free upgrade to be released to loyal Logos customers who already have great bundles. That’s what I love most about Logos, “you pay for the books and the software and upgrades are free.”

  • Could someone explain why it isn’t available in the silver package but it is in the Gold. The tool looks great but if I upgrade then it will cost me $200 for this tool (That is all i would want). I am assuming it cannot be added as an individual item?


    • I have many logos books. I started using the program when they had it on 5.25 floppy disks (that’s old). I have purchased many individual books. There seems to be a lot of confusion on the upgrade. I purchased the basic started upgrade for $44 or something like that, it loaded and I have all the books I have used in the past. I’m not sure what everyone gets so upset about. $44 for the new engine is not unreasonable. You don’t have to upgrade to the higher book set. Feel free to do it if you have the money but you don’t have to. Get the basic starter kit from the upgrade selections (1st of the 7)

  • Since there is no way that I can afford to upgrade to the “Diamond” base package and there is apparently no “minimal cross over” available, what happens now to the investment I made over the last 12-13 years in my current library? How long will Logos continue to support Logos 4? Is that just going to be a “wash”? You have really spoiled my Sunday morning.

  • Logos is a great Bible information and study tool. I assume Logos 5 will be as much better than Logos 4 as that was better than version 3.

    However I have seen little to address the sometimes abysmal speed problems of Logos 4. I have it on 2 laptops I use (Intel dual core Win 7 2GB) and 2 desktops and even on the best machine (quad core AMD with Win7 64 and 4GB) it is often sluggish. Frequently due to the (too) often updates or indexing, but as often as not just opening some resources. Generally searches are quite fast, though.

    So is Logos 5 faster or not?

  • Many seem upset at the cost, and I was a little surprised as well. Put in perspective, however, Logos is an amazing piece of software, and the cost for producing it must significant. I really doubt that the owners of Logos are gouging us. They seem pretty committed to providing bible researchers a quality product. As one who is in the business of building large complex software programs, I know how expensive it is to build and maintain something like Logos 5. As for those living on the margin where every penny counts, you will simply have to look to the Lord to provide the funds. If He wants you to have it, He’ll get it to you as with everything else we have. Put your trust in Him to do so, and I suspect he’ll find a way to get your the funding. Rather than rail on those who’ve labored hard to produce this extraordinary product, we should commend them for a great job, and then look to the Lord to provide the funds needed to upgrade.

  • I was 30 minutes into a LEARNLOGOS webinar on the new features and benefits of LOGOS 5 when by email I was quoted a very reasonable custom price that recognized my past purchases and acknowledged resources I already owned. I am excited that for me, Christmas has come early this year. Made my upgrade purchase today and now I’m ready to test drive Logos 5.

  • Recently updated to Logos 5. Looks great. However – Louw-Nida numbers no longer appear in the Interlinear window. What’s up?

    • Ralph,

      Thanks for the question! L-N numbers were on by default in Logos 4, but they’re off by default in Logos 5. Just right-click the column labels on the left and turn them back on.

      I hope his helps!

  • I was excited about the new tools in Logos 5. But when I checked out the packages all the tools are not included in all of the packages! You have to upgrade to the more expensive packages to get the clause search & bible sense lexicon. I don’t need all the extra books in these collections but want the tools to use with what I have.

    • I have used Logos for years and have also pined for a tablet so I would be able to work away from my desk. It would be great to win this!

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