4 Ideas for Planning Your Christmas Sermon Series

It feels a long way away, but it’s time to plan ahead. Christmas is for worship, family, and celebration—not last-minute scrambles to put together your Christmas sermon series.

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Preach the Gospel this Christmas

There are countless ways to approach a Christmas sermon series. Here are a few ideas—and the resources you need to help you do it.  

Connect Christmas to the Old Testament

The birth narratives in Matthew and Luke draw heavily on the Old Testament, demonstrating how Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy. Your job as a preacher is to tie those threads together, to connect the message of the Prophets to its fulfillment in Jesus—and show how that impacts both theology and everyday life.

The Gospel of the KingIn The Gospel of the King, Stewart Custer captures the reverent awe Matthew had for his Lord and communicates it with vivid detail and sound scholarship. This commentary includes an introduction presenting a list of several outlines and a list of Old Testament quotations—a great starting point for connecting the Christmas story to Old Testament prophecy. During the Prepare Him Room sale, this commentary is nearly 60% off!

We’re also featuring other resources to help you connect prophecy with the Christmas story. Echoes of a Prophet, Daniel and Revelation Committee Series, Jesus the Messiah, and The Life of Christ from the Old Testament through a New Testament Lens will all help you tell the Christmas story in a fresh way.

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Don’t stick with the obvious books

As scholar R. Scott Clark has stated, “Reading the Bible with Christ as the center is not reading anything into Scripture; it is refusing to read him out of it.” If Clark is right—and the vast majority of Christians over thousands of years have agreed—then echoes of the Christmas story can be found across the entire canon, not just in Matthew’s and Luke’s birth narrative.

Christmas sermon series ideasThis year, why not preach from less obvious biblical books? During the Prepare Him Room sale, we’re featuring great resources for uncovering the Christological focus of biblical books, including Discovering Christ in All Scriptures. The volumes included in this collection examine who Christ is throughout the entirety of the Bible, engaging the reader with a highly accessible writing style and passion for the Scriptures. There are plenty of other resources to choose from. See all the Prepare Him Room deals.

Draw on the great Christmas sermons from church history

Christmas sermon series ideasThere’s nothing quite like learning from the best, and that’s just as true for sermon prep as anything else. This Christmas, draw on some of the greatest Christmas sermons ever preached. In Sermons for the Christian Year, you’ll find two volumes on Christmas and Advent. In Sermons on the Most Interesting Doctrines of the Gospel, Martin Luther includes multiple sermons perfect for this time of year. And then there’s Sermons of St. Bernard on Advent and Christmas, a collection of 19 sermons by a prolific preacher. See all the Prepare Him Room deals.

Reinvigorate your preaching

We’ve also included foundational resources to help you improve your preaching skills. Pick up The 12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching and Steps to the Sermon: An Eight-Step Plan for Preaching with Confidence to reinvigorate your preaching this Christmas season. Then, find the perfect quote or prayer for your Christmas sermons with 300 Christmas Quotations and Prayers. This collection includes professionally designed media, so sharing what you’ve discovered with your congregation is simple. See all the Prepare Him Room deals.


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