4 Faithlife Groups You Should Join Today

Faith communities are vital to healthy spirituality, so we built powerful tools for collaboration and sharing into Logos 6.

One of those tools—the Groups tool—brings Faithlife Groups’ collaborative power to Logos Bible Software. There are a number of groups that have sprung up as a way for Logos users to share their study techniques and insights. Many of these groups are all open, which means you can join them today!

Logos Author Collections

author_collectionsSearching a huge library like Logos 6 Gold for references to a specific topic, reference, or concept can sometimes yield thousands of results. One of the best ways to narrow your search is to create a set of personalized collections so you can search more manageable subsets of your Logos library.

I’ve found that some of the most useful collections are author based, and I created a group to share those custom collections. A few other Logos users—friends of mine whom I met through our community forums—have added their own, too. Logos Author Collections has a useful set of custom collections, and you can add them all to your library today by joining this group.

Logos Sample Documents

sampledocumentsResource collections are only one of fifteen distinct document types in Logos 6. To get a taste of what each of these documents can do, join the Logos Sample Documents group, which has a few examples of each document type. Some of the documents—like a passage list of the “one another” commands in Scripture and a visual filter for all the imperative verbs in the New Testament—make great starting points for new lines of Bible study.

Logos Library Theology/Denomination Tags

denominationalgroupiconMy favorite group is probably Logos Library Theology/Denomination Tags. A group of users worked for 18 months to create a comprehensive resource collection for every theological tradition, and this group is still working to tune their collections for accuracy and to account for new offerings as they’re added to Logos.com through Pre-Pub and Community Pricing. You can enjoy the fruit of their labor through this group.

Logos Product Collections

author_collectionsOne of our developers helped create resource collections for every base package, so you can search their library content easily and compare the different results from the various packages you own.

We’ve learned that many users prefer to build a diverse library by picking base packages from several of our denominational lines. For example: a users might combine Logos 6 Reformed Platinum, and Logos 6 Anglican Platinum to form the backbone of their research library. The Logos Product Collections group has resource collections for both so that you can individually search and compare each set of content.

Study with Logos 6 and collaborate with Faithlife Groups.

Written by
Ray Deck III
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  • This feature seems to be very interesting, I joined the groups, but I couldn't figure it out how to use these tags within my Logos 6 app. Could you please explain how do I see / use these tags on Logos 6?

  • Hi Daniel, when you've joined the group click on the "documents" tab. When you hover over the document you'd like to add, you'll see a button labeled "save a copy."

    Do that, and you'll see it appear in the documents menu in your software.

  • Is there a way to remove a duplicate collection? I have a couple that I accidentally deleted and then re-copied them so they show with a (2) after them.

    Thanks in advance

  • Yep! Open the Collections tool in Logos, and then use the dropdown menu labled "Open" to see all your resource collections. You'll find an option to delete when you right-click on items in that list. Though, it sounds like you want to edit the name of those collections. You can do that by opening them in the collections tool, and changing the title.

    Glad we could help, JT!

Written by Ray Deck III