3 Reasons to Add a Master Bundle to Your Library Today

master-bundle-xlWith a base package purchase or upgrade, you can get 50% off bundles. Now’s your chance to personalize your library with the topics that interest you most—but these discounts are only available when you have a base package in your cart (or if you own the Portfolio base package).

Choose from a variety of topical bundles, or get everything included in the smaller bundles at an even better price. If you haven’t already added a Master Bundle to your library, here are three reasons why now is the time:

1. Huge discounts

With the Master Bundle, you can choose from four sizes at incredible discounts, all the way up to the X-Large bundle, which includes 1,196 volumes at 69% off the regular prices if you were to buy the books separately on Logos.com. On top of that, you’ll also get 50% off when you upgrade to Logos 5, and an additional discount for any books you already own! This is the perfect scenario to add a Master Bundle to your library—the average price per book is only $2.93 (or less, depending on what you already own) if you purchase the X-Large Master Bundle with your Logos 5 upgrade.

2. A wide range of topics and studies

The Master Bundles include a broad range of key titles across 19 disciplines. Containing all the resources in the individual bundles, you’ll get books on archaeology, Greek and Hebrew, church history, pastoral leadership, biblical studies, and more. You’ll also get books from a wide range of theological traditions—including Reformed, Catholic, and Baptist resources—as well as dozens of resources on philosophy, counseling, apologetics, and more.

3. No overlap

There’s no overlap between the bundles and Logos 5′s base packages—when you upgrade to Logos 5, you’ll get hundreds of additional books at near–base package discounts. These bundles are already heavily discounted, so paired with your 50% discount, you’re getting a wide range of valuable content at an incredible price.

Don’t miss out on this chance to save big on both your Logos 5 upgrade and your bundle purchase. Upgrade to Logos 5 with your custom upgrade discount and add on a Master Bundle today.

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