3 Reasons There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Logos 7

20% off Logos 7

Whether you’re just starting out with Logos, own an earlier base package, or just want to upgrade your Logos 7 library, now is the perfect time to get a base package. For a limited time, Logos 7 is 20% off. And if you need more reasons, here are three good ones to consider:

Reason 1: You get hundreds of books for 90% off

Think 20% off is good? It gets better. Even when they’re not on sale, base packages give you big savings. You’ll save 90% compared to the regular price for hundreds of Bible study resources.

For example, if you tried to recreate the Logos 7 Platinum library book by book (including the popular Hermeneia and Continental Commentary series), you’d spend over $22,000. But right now you can get all 900+ books for just over $1,400.

That’s over 90% off—and that’s just at the regular price. With the current sale, you’ll save even more.  

Already own some of the books in the base package you want? You’ll pay even less. You always receive a custom discount based on what’s already in your Logos library. And of course you always keep your current library. We’ll add on your new books to what you already own.

Pick out your base package now.

Reason 2: You’ll make good use of all those books

That may sound like a lot of books. Will you really use them all? You’re far more likely to use even the most obscure books in your library when compared with a print library. Print books sit on a shelf until you pull them down and open them. Logos resources reveal biblical insights automatically through features like the Systematic Theologies section of the Passage Guide (brand new in Logos 7).

That means you can access everything your library mentions on any passage or any topic in seconds.

So whether you already own hundreds of Logos books or none, you’ll make good use of a new Logos base package. (Especially at this price!) More books means better results.

Save 20% on your base package now.

Reason 3: Free training, built right in

Using Logos 7 is also easier than you might think. Start with premade layouts tailored to how you want to study the Bible. Choose from learning plans that pull together essential readings and media on key topics and books.

There’s even a free Logos training course built right in. It’s helpful for beginners and beyond.

Questions about getting Logos 7? Just call one of our Resource Experts: 888-270-7536.

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