25 Resources to Fuel Your Spiritual Growth

fuel spiritual growth

“You can’t give away what you don’t already have.”

If you’ve ever spent time studying the Bible—and then attempted to share what you’ve learned with others—you know how true that statement is. When you handle God’s Word day in and day out, it’s all too easy to focus merely on finishing the sermon, lesson, or message—and neglect to address what that passage might mean for your own spiritual growth.

But when we study God’s Word to fuel our own spiritual growth, we stockpile insight we can then pass on to others.

Solid resources for spiritual growth

We’ve pulled together 25 resources to help you refocus on the importance of spiritual growth—even as you prepare those all-important sermons, lessons, papers, or Bible studies.

These resources run the gamut—everything from seminary-level courses and commentaries to theology and Christian living resources. But they all have two things in common: they’re fuel for spiritual growth and, for a limited time, you can get them at a great deal. In fact, during our spring sale, the more resources you get, the more you’ll save:

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Check out these 25 resources to fuel your spiritual growth.

Here are a few resources featured during the spring sale that are especially potent for spiritual growth.

The Cross of Christ

cross of christ john stottJohn Stott’s classic resource on the cross lingers long after you’ve put it down. It’s a rare contemporary theological work that rises to the level of “must read”—and not simply because it’s a standard seminary textbook and has been praised by evangelical luminaries like D.A. Carson and J.I. Packer. Hundreds of years from now, The Cross of Christ will likely be considered a classic because Stott manages to balance unrestrained worship with thoughtful scholarship, abstract theological principles with down-to-earth language, and theologically rich passages with soaring prose that captures the heart even as it stretches the intellect.

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NavPress Spiritual Formation Collection (15 vols.)

navpress spiritual formationWhat does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus in the modern world? How can we listen through the clamor of technology and our busy lives to hear the still, small voice of God? In this 15-volume collection from NavPress, writers including Dallas Willard and Eugene Peterson point us back to what really matters—our relationship with Christ. You’ll find resources on the spiritual disciplines, the practical significance of the Resurrection, finding God in lament, and even help in diagnosing your spiritual health.

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Introducing Spiritual Formation

introducing spiritual formationHow have Christians throughout history nurtured their relationship with God? In this Mobile Ed course, Gary L. Thomas details the rich and varied heritage of Christian spirituality—from the Desert Fathers and the Puritans, to modern-day charismatics and Pentecostals. He critically examines these historic movements for hints at how we too can experience fresh, genuine encounters with the living God and nurture an authentic faith. He then shows just how practical a vibrant spiritual life is, explaining how a profound relationship with God leads to holiness in every aspect of life.

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The New Testament for Everyone Series (18 vols.)

new testament for everyone nt wright


N.T. Wright’s beloved commentary series is more than a staid exposition of the biblical text. Wright provides a fresh translation of the book he discusses, then walks the reader through the significance of that book for the Christian life. Wright is easily one of the most readable theologians working today and his lucid descriptions of theology and principles for Christian living enliven his commentaries—prompting reflection on the essentials of spiritual growth.

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That barely scratches the surface. See all 25 resources to fuel your spiritual growth now. And remember: during this special event, the more resources your get, the greater your discount. You can get as much as 40% off!

Explore all 25 resources to fuel your spiritual growth now.

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