Logos Tech Tip | Open Your Favorite Books with a Click

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Logos saves you time and makes you more efficient by giving you quick access to the resources you use the most in your study. Here are four ways to quickly access your favorite resources:

  1. Drag an open resource to the top of the Toolbar.
    Learn more.
  2. Add an open resource to the Favorites panel.
    Learn more about using Favorites. 
  3. Prioritize your favorite commentaries, dictionaries, and lexicons so that Logos displays them first in Guides and similar resources. Learn more.
  4. Create a custom layout with the resources you use most.

Learn more.

Check out this video for more on creating custom layouts:

Try it in Logos.

Make these your new favorites:

Visit the Logos Help Center for more on how to get the most out of your Logos Bible Software.