Logos Tech Tip: Explore Word Meanings with Logos

Bible software has been so focused on morphological searching (which is a powerful and helpful tool in any Bible student’s arsenal) that many people think it can’t do anything more. But with Logos, you can do so much more than search morphology.

Logos features sophisticated tagging, which allows your searches to uncover what words mean rather than just where words occur. Thanks to the powerful Figurative Language Dataset, with the Bible Browser, you can quickly discover all the places where individual believers are figuratively described as parts of a body

Or use the Clause Participants guide section to dive into the common subjects and objects of a verb like “deliver” in the Lord’s Prayer. Simply open a Bible Word Study Guide, enter the word ῥύομαι, press Enter, then scroll down to the Clause Participants section.

If your library doesn’t have access to the figurative language dataset that powers parts of the Bible Browser, consider upgrading to Logos Bronze.

Learn more about the Bible Browser and the Clause Participants guide by visiting the Logos Help Center.


  1. Joe Aguilar says

    I am trying to find out how I can query non-biblical literature I have in my package for words that are in the bible. I want to see how they were used at the time of Christ. I remember being able to see how they were used, but have forgotten how to perform the query. Example:
    Repentance in scripture is used to say “change of mind”.
    Where in non-biblical literature can I find the word being used to see the context it was being used?