Is Your Bible Research Missing This Key to Understanding?

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We’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle if we can’t read Scripture through the eyes of its first readers. There are so many cultural and geographical nuances we simply can’t see without learning about the background and setting in which each book was written. 

That’s what makes the Archaeology, Geography, and Jesus’ Ancient World: Book & Course Bundle special: This two-course, two-book bundle shares how Jesus and his contemporaries lived, taking students on a journey to Bible times. It includes: 

  • Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels—2019 Christianity Today Book Award winner for biblical studies 
  • The World of Jesus and the Gospels, a 3-hour course taught by Craig Evans
  • Discovering the New Testament: An Introduction to Its Background, Theology, and Themes (Volume 1: The Gospels and Acts) by Mark Keown
  • Archaeology and Action: Jesus and Archaeology, a riveting 3-hour course taught by Craig Evans

Their value if sold separately would be $414.96, but because of the bundling discount combined with the top picks discount of 40%, you can get all four resources for less than $150.

And while you’re on the Top Picks page, take a look at another popular choice—the Lexham Pastoral Leadership Bundle. The 12 books included help pastors at all experience levels prepare to preach the Word and shepherd God’s people, both through everyday frustrations and life-changing grief. It covers everything from smart church finances to how to address suicide from the pulpit.

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  1. Wow, Archeology helping us better understand more about the history of Jesus life. Interesting video!