30 Years of John Piper’s Works—and More on Sale This May

May’s Monthly Sale features resources on theology, biblical studies, and Church history—for up to 61% off. Start with this collection by our featured author, John Piper.

Crossway John Piper Collection (39 vols.)—40% off, under $6 a volume

Thirty years of John Piper’s preaching and ministry all wrapped up in one collection? Yep . . . and when you grab this Crossway John Piper Collection, you’ll stack your digital bookshelf and save 40%.

It’s a 39-volume roundup of Piper’s most significant devotional and academic works, including volumes on Augustine, Luther, and Edwards. Plus, you’ll get instruction for Christian living and spiritual reflection, as well as volumes that address tough topics like suffering and God’s sovereignty. 



Here are three more highlights:

Hearers and Doers: A Pastor’s Guide to Growing Disciples through Scripture and Doctrine—20% off, just $11.99

In Hearers and Doers, Kevin Vanhoozer makes the case that pastors, as pastor-theologians, ought to interpret Scripture theologically to articulate doctrine and help cultivate disciples. 

“A splendid book that brings together biblical exegesis, theological reflection, and cultural analysis—all for the sake of the church.”
—Trevin Wax, director for Bibles and reference at LifeWay Christian Resources and author of
Eschatological Discipleship and This Is Our Time


Mobile Ed: ED161 Christian Education: Foundations and Technology (11 hour course)—Save 39%, now $249.99

Educators, teachers, and even learners will benefit from this unique course designed to equip anyone in Christian education better. You’ll explore topics like biblical foundations, innovative technologies, and different aspects of teaching K–12 students. Instructor Andrew Peterson rounds up the course by discussing adult Christian education in the context of church ministry, the workplace, and the civil community. 

It’s practical, relevant, and now 39% off.

The Commentators’ Bible—Genesis: The Rubin JPS Miqra’ot Gedolot—Save 30%, now $34.99

This is the final volume of the acclaimed JPS English edition of Miqra’ot Gedolot—the voices of Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Nachmanides, Rashbam, Abarbanel, Kimhi, and other medieval Bible commentators. 

Read high praise for The Commentator’s Bible:

The JPS Commentators’ Bible is one of the most useful resources I now have in my library. It opens the door to the wisdom of the classic commentators to Jewish students of all levels of Hebrew fluency. The translations are fluid and accessible, and this important work represents an invaluable invitation to join the centuries-long conversation of Torah commentary and interpretation.
—Rabbi Dan Levin, Temple Beth El, Boca Raton, Florida

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There’s plenty more to discover, so check out everything on sale, and save up to 61%.

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