This Year’s Logos March Matchups Is a Win-Win—Start Voting Now!

During March, 64 collections and 32 Mobile Education courses will face off in an epic contest for your votes in Logos March Matchups. For each matchup, pick your favorite and rally your friends to vote your champions through. Check out all the matchups now and start voting! And don’t forget to vote on the Mobile Ed tab, too!

To the victor go the spoils

Regardless of what’s victorious when the bell rings, the real winner is you. Collections and courses with the most votes advance to the next round—and the longer they last, the deeper the discounts. 

Discounts start at 35% and increase each round until the championship when the winning works are a whopping 60% off. 

As in any contest, there are runners-up—but don’t despair if your favorites don’t make it. The eliminated collections and courses go on sale immediately after the rounds end, so you can start saving while the battle rages on.

Here’s when each round will take place. (All rounds end at 12:00 p.m. [PST], and the next round will begin within two hours.)

  • Round 1: March 2–5
  • Round 2: March 5–9
  • Round 3: March 9–12
  • Round 4: March 12–16
  • Round 5: March 16–18
  • Championship round: March 18–20
  • All deals live! March 20–31

So it begins . . .

The matches are set. The ring is ready. What will land a knockout? What will bounce back from the ropes in an upset? And what will be crowned the 2020 Champion?

It’s up to you.

Logos March Matchups is a rollicking good time, but we need your votes to make it happen.

Cheer on your favorite collections and courses to score deep discounts—vote today! And don’t forget to share with friends.

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  1. Ellie Sullivan says

    Has a legend been published that tells us what all the acronyms stand for. I’ve used Logos for over 20 years, but I have never memorized them and it really makes it cumbersome to try and vote.

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Ellie! Thanks for your suggestion, and we will get one added.

      Best, Karen

  2. This is the most disappointing March Madness ever. There was only one product I voted on in the Logos Bracket and that is only because I hadn’t picked upon the latest commentaries in that set. Every other set on offer I already own. The Mobile Ed and Overbuy brackets weren’t much better.
    March Madness 2020 is a lose-lose. There is the very real possibility I will buy nothing from this years ‘competition’ and so both Faithlife and I loose.
    The majority of what is on offer has been in base packages in the past or dirt cheap on community pricing.

  3. Daniel Krodel says

    I keep looking but don’t see the matchups in order to vote.

  4. Ellie Sullivan says

    Thank you, Karen!