Had to Abandon Your Seminary Library? Here’s Free Help

Seminaries across the country recently sent students home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Professors scrambled to get lectures and assignments online as students said goodbye and left their friends and classmates behind. 

Students also left behind massive seminary libraries, losing access shelves of expensive theology books that enabled their research and study. 

Many people on the Logos team spent time in seminary, so we know how essential a good library is. That’s why our team created a 2,000+ volume Logos theological library for seminaries and Bible colleges, and students from participating schools can access the library for free through June 1. The library includes titles from Lexham Press, Logos Mobile Education, scholarly journals, and much more.

How do seminaries and Bible colleges get access?

School officials can find simple step-by-step instructions here. And if you have questions, our Academic Solutions team is happy to help you get answers or set up your Faithlife group.

How do students gain access?

Once seminary administrators have requested licenses, schools will notify students and invite them to join the seminary’s Faithlife group. For a walkthrough of each step, take a look at these instructions for seminary students

Once set up, students can download Logos to their desktop or mobile devices or log in from app.logos.com.

Not a professor or student? Share this page with your friends in seminary to help equip students to keep digging deep into their studies. You can also check out the other ways Faithlife is helping churches, pastors, and families during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks for helping us get the word out!

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