Learning Logos: How to Create a Hyperlink in a Note

logos 8 training blogA fellow Logos user recently submitted this scenario:

I enjoy working with Logos 8 Notes. I often copy text from a resource and paste it into a Note. Sometimes, however, the information is too long, so I want to link back to the article rather than paste any text into the Note. Can this be done? If so, how?

Yes! In Notes, we can create a hyperlink to most any location in Logos, such as a resource article, Exegetical Guide report, Search results, etc.

Give this a go:

logos 8 training blog
  • Open a panel to a location to which you want to link. (Please remember as stated above, this can be most anything in Logos such as a resource, Guide or Factbook report, Search results, etc.) (A)
  • Click the Panel menu (three dots) in the upper-right of that panel (B)
  • Select Copy location as URL (make sure to click URL(C)
  • Close that panel
  • Open Notes from the Tools menu
  • Navigate to the desired Note in which the hyperlink will be placed
  • Type the text in the Note which will be hyperlinked to the Logos location such as Click Here for Exegetical Guide Report (D)
  • Select (highlight) the text you just typed (E)
  • Click the Link (chain link) icon on the Note toolbar (F)
  • Right-click in the box that appears (G)
  • Select Paste (H)
logos 8 training blog
  • Notice Logos places in the box “directions” back to your desired location (I)
  • Click Save (J)
logos 8 training blog
  • Click the newly hyperlinked text (K) to jump to your desired Logos location! (L)

This is a great power-user trick so you can easily return to previous research without having to redo the research!

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Morris Proctor is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

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  1. Dale Siegelin says

    Thanks for the post on hyperlinking in Notes. Is it possible to link to a file on my computer – i.e. a Word document or a PDF file? That would be helpful – if is available in the software. Thanks.

    • Hi Dale! Thanks for your comment and question. It is not currently possible to link to a file like a Word doc or PDF file on your computer. However, I’ll pass that idea on to the team! Thanks again, Karen

      • Would it work by converting a Word doc to a personal book and linking that way?

        I don’t think that would work for PDFs because I don’t think they can be converted to personal books, although you might be able to open it in Word and save it as a Word file; it will usually lose a lot in the process, though.

        • Hi Karl!

          Thanks for your comment. Yes, that would definitely work! and you are correct about PDF’s not working with personal books.

          Best, Karen

  2. Thanks for your response and for forwarding the request to the development team. It seems that this feature would add a nice functionality to the software. I would certainly use it. Dale.