Give 1, Get 1 This Christmas: Meaningful Stocking Stuffers

Have you ever bought a gift you wished you could keep for yourself?

Now, you can (while still being generous). 

Give the print version of these Lexham Press Christmas Sale titles and keep the digital version for yourself—at a fraction of what it would cost to buy both versions individually. 

These books make meaningful gifts that open the door to deep conversations during Christmastime and long after. 

3 Highlights from the Lexham Press Print & Digital Sale

The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Praying to Our Father by Wesley Hill

We’ve recited the Lord’s Prayer countless times. We know it by heart. But do we follow it when we pray?

Wesley Hill reintroduces us to the Lord’s Prayer, showing us a God delighted to hear our prayers. Petition by petition, he draws out the significance of Jesus’ words for prayer today.

Most Christians say the Lord’s Prayer with great frequency and familiarity, so that we scarcely know what we are saying. In this treasure of a book, Hill opens up the prayer with great freshness for the ordinary reader, so that we seem to hear Jesus himself speaking to us, showing us how to pray to his Father in the same spirit that he himself does. This little volume will enrich a reader’s life immeasurably.

Fleming Rutledge, author of The Crucifixion and Help My Unbelief

Luke Verse by Verse (Osborne New Testament Commentaries) by Grant R. Osborne

When Grant R. Osborne went home to glory last year, he left behind a generation touched by his scholarship and reverence for the Lord—and one of his lasting legacies is his series of New Testament commentaries published by Lexham Press. 

In Luke Verse by Verse, Osborne leads readers through a systematic account of Jesus’ life. He shows us why Luke may be called “the theologian of prayer” and unpacks the far-reaching power of the gospel then and now. With Osborne as guide, readers will learn what this Gospel can teach us today.

With this new series, readers will have before them what we—his students—experienced in all of Professor Osborne’s classes: patient regard for every word in the text, exegetical finesse, a preference for an eclectic resolution to the options facing the interpreter, a sensitivity to theological questions, and most of all, a reverence for God’s Word.

Scot McKnight, Julius R. Mantey Professor in New Testament, Northern Seminary

Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans by Robert Elmer

The Puritans have an austere reputation. Their prayers dispel this reputation, revealing warmhearted devotion.

Elmer expounds in the introduction to Piercing Heaven:

The Puritans believed in a biblical God, one who is not just “transcendent” but “immanent”—one who is both impossibly far and incredibly near.

Robert Hawker wrote, “Oh Lord, send forth today abundant streams to cleanse, revive, comfort, satisfy, and strengthen all your churches. Lord, cause me to drink of the rivers of your pleasure, for you are the fountain of life.”

This combination of awe before God’s holy presence and deep, passionate love for the Christ who said, “I am with you always,” marks the Puritans. Far from being haunted by the fear that someone, somewhere might be happy (H. L. Mencken’s taunt about them), the Puritans knew where true and lasting pleasure was to be found.

They also discovered the great open secret of prayer: the value of praying God’s words back to him. Over and over throughout their prayers, the Puritans make allusion to the Bible. It suffuses their devotion, keeping it from morphing into mysticism. It also makes them accessible to today’s Christians—because the Bible is something we surely share. We can learn to pray like the Puritans.

There is serious faith entwined in these prayers—faith that can still illuminate the darkness of our world, and of our times. Just as then, the life of faith stands in stark contrast to that which surrounds us.

Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and author of several books on the Puritans, recommends Piercing Heaven for Christians seeking to draw closer to the Lord:

It might be said that prayer is theology with wings to reach heaven. If anyone’s theology had wings, it was the Puritans. The prayers of this outstanding book, adapted from the writings of the Puritans and other highly esteemed devotional writers, will be a great help for those longing to seek God with all their heart and all their mind.

The print version of Piercing Heaven will ship when you order, and the digital version will automatically be added to your library when it releases on 12/11.

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