Final Days for Free Acts Commentary: ‘Just the Right Level of Light’

The complete Brazos Theological Commentary series offers 20 volumes focused on interpreting the Bible theologically. Until January 1, get the Acts volume free—and two more for under $15

Prolific author, pastor, and professor Calvin Miller describes the series this way:             

Contemporary application of the Bible to life is the preacher’s business. But no worthy contemporary application is possible without a thorough understanding of the ancient text. The Brazos Theological Commentary exists to provide an accessible authority so that the preacher’s application will be a ready bandage for all the hurts of life. We who serve the pulpit want a commentary we can understand, and those who hear us expect us to give them a usable word. The Brazos Commentary offers just the right level of light to make illuminating the word the joy it was meant to be.

December’s free book of the month examines the book of Acts, described in the commentary introduction as:

A book of frenetic action amid a constantly shifting scene: conspiracy and intrigue and ambush, hostile confrontations and fierce conflicts sometimes to the death, rioting lynch mobs and personal violence (28:31), “journeyings often” (2 Cor 11:26 AV) and incessant travel on an Odysseus-like scale all over the Mediterranean world (27:24), complete with shipwreck and venomous serpents, “chains and imprisonment” (Heb 11:36), followed in at least two instances by a successful jailbreak, though only with the aid of celestial mechanics (5:17–20; 12:6–11; 16:26–28), famine and earthquake, crime and punishment (as well as a great deal of punishment, sometimes even capital punishment, without any real crime ever having been committed).

Throughout the verse-by-verse discussion of Acts, readers will encounter topics like:  

  • The Holy Spirit, the Lord: The Deity of the Holy Spirit
  • Both Seen and Unseen: The Angels as “Ministering Spirits” 
  • The Cost of Discipleship
  • The Historical “Economies” of the Living God
  • The Predicament of the Christian Historian

Get your free copy of Brazos Theological Commentary on Acts now, and pick up two more volumes for under $15.

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