Learning Logos: How to Easily Select Resource Text

logos training post

Every six weeks or so, the developers of Logos update our software. Some of the changes are major, like the redesigned Context menu, while others are behind the scenes, like bug fixes. A case in point occurred in the recent 8.9 update. A small but helpful improvement was made regarding selecting words in resources.

Give this a go:

logos training post

  • Open any resource from your Library (A)
  • Choose the Help menu in the upper right of the program (B)
  • Select Program Settings (C)

logos training post

  • Navigate to the Text Display section (D)
  • Select Word (or Smart) from the Text Selection drop-down list (E)

  • Start selecting (highlighting) a word in the resource
  • Notice the selection quickly and easily snaps to the entire word (F)

You’re perhaps now wanting to ask me: Moe, are you seriously devoting an entire blog to this? Actually yes, because in 8.9 this almost unnoticeable tweak makes life easier when we want to select text to copy.

Now, here’s a power user trick you want to remember:

Let’s say we set Text Selection to Word or Smart, but we now need to select only part of a word (such as leaving the “s” off of a plural word). We don’t need to open Program Settings and select Character from the Text Selection list.

All we need to do is hold down a key as we select text:

  • PC: Alt key
  • Mac: Option key

With that key pressed, start selecting resource text and you’ll only be selecting one character at a time!

Please file this little trick away, because there’s coming a day you’ll need it.

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Morris Proctor is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

logos training post