Uncover the Keys to Modern Communication in 45 Minutes & Save Big in October’s Sale

Today’s audiences are hungry—but they don’t want the same “food” their parents and grandparents did. Canned stories don’t work anymore. People are longing to be fed with authenticity and personal transformation.

Connection is key.

But how do you build that connection?

Learn effective new strategies to bolster your preaching in just 45 minutes with How to Communicate Effectively to Modern Audiences. In this course from Logos Mobile Ed, Grant Fishbook shares from over 20 years of experience creatively communicating the Bible in a way that allows spiritually curious people to eavesdrop on deeply spiritual conversations. 

You’ll discover how to engage congregations today and how to prepare to preach the Word of God weekly. And since this easy-to-digest, intensely practical course is part of October’s monthly sale, you’ll save 35%. 

While you’re on our monthly sale page, take a look at two other Bible study featured resources with practical applications: 

  • Angels: What the Bible Really Says about God’s Heavenly Host28% off. The Bible has a lot more to say about God’s supernatural servants than most people suspect. Explore the truth behind the myths (including the most common: guardian angels) with this book from Dr. Michael S. Heiser.
  • Martyn Lloyd-Jones Expositions (4 vols.) – 30% off. Explore themes of spiritual warfare, hope, ecclesiology, and more in these popular works from the longtime minister of Westminster Chapel in London. This month only, get four volumes from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones for less than $6.50 each in this bundle. 

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