October’s Top Picks—Jonathan Edwards, Anchor Yale Bible Reference & More!

Biblical research is like an ongoing, always-profitable treasure hunt. You can never get into the Word too much, and your Logos library can never be too full.

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Save 40% on thousands (and thousands) of pages filled with knowledge that enriches your study in October’s Top Picks from Yale University Press. Whatever insight you’re searching for, you’ll find it! 

Look at the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library (33 vols.) for the best contemporary scholarship made easy to understand, even if you’re not a scholar.

Delve into archeological discoveries—and how they relate to the Bible’s mysterious stories—with Archaeology of the Land of the Bible (3 vols.)

Access the wisdom of Jonathan Edwards in either 11 volumes or 41 volumes. In both options, you’ll find sermons, treatises, letters, and musings from the man who has left an impression on nearly 300 years of theological scholarship.

What other biblical studies resources are included in October’s Top Picks? 

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