BrillDAG Officially Released on Logos

BrillDAG is fully integrated with your entire Logos digital Library—every entry tagged and linked to citations from ancient and biblical texts.

Make it your default Greek lexicon to take your reading and research of the Greek New Testament to a new level.

Not convinced? Here are a few endorsements:

This work now effectively supersedes the older Liddell-Scott-Jones (LSJ) lexicon.

— Larry W. Hurtado, retired, University of Edinburgh

Its comparative perspectives and the provision of new lexical data will surely serve to enrich the texts being studied. This is a splendid work and all those responsible for its production and translation are to be most warmly commended.

— Paul Foster, University of Edinburgh, The Expository Times 129, 4.

Get your digital copy of BrillDAG, only on Logos.



    In the “Extras” area of this blog is a 28 page review (PDF) that has the key or example of how to read the notations within a definition. This key or it’s equivalent is missing in the Brill GE publication.

  2. Alex Loepp says

    Why were the square brackets removed around the derivational information for some of the entries? For example the printed version has:
    ἀαγής -ές [ἄγνυμι]

    whereas the digital version has:
    ἀαγής -ές ἄγνυμι

    Personally I find that this omission affects the legibility of many of the entries, especially if there are multiple elements. Other than that this is an outstanding digital tool.