What’s Unique about the Word Biblical Commentary Series—Now on Sale

The respected Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) series (61 vols.) is 40% off this month. It’s one of the most comprehensive and well-loved series, and when you look at the whole series, it’s easy to see why.

What sets the WBC series apart

If you’re wondering what the Word Biblical Commentary series could possibly add to your collection, let’s start with the numbers:

  • 61 volumes 
  • BestCommentaries.com ranked #1 for 19 books of the Bible
  • BestCommentaries.com ranked #2–5 for 26 books of the Bible
  • Over 50 contributors, including John Goldingay, Douglas Stuart, Craig A. Evans, F. F. Bruce, and Richard J. Bauckham

Ranking for 45 books of the Bible? Pretty impressive!

There’s more, though. The commentaries are deep—but they don’t sacrifice accessibility. 

Each WBC contributor is a leading scholar in his/her own right with a high view of Scripture as divine revelation. Every volume begins with a thorough introduction to the section of the Bible, covering background and key questions for the text. This series emphasizes a thorough analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, and theological evidence.

That’s why the WBC is a trusted resource for thoughtful, balanced insights on Scripture, ideal for everyone from preaching pastors and academics to seminarians and serious Christians.

It’s not just helpful in theory—it’s making a big difference for people just like you.

What everyday Logos users are saying about WBC

This is the finest commentary set on the market today. Because the scholarship is updated, its quality and usefulness even surpass the classics like Matthew Henry. The authors of the various volumes are some of the most respected scholars in their fields. These scholars avoid some of the extremes in biblical study from both the left and the right, which allows the reader to trust the comments and conclusions reached in the text.   — Dennis M.

WBC is a very helpful tool due to its thorough handling of the original languages. A must-have for the serious Bible student.   — Gerald P.

I absolutely loved these commentaries and felt as if I was sitting at the feet of someone who both loved Scripture AND Christ. . . . Theologically rich, exegetically nuanced—without sacrificing the pastoral. These are my top commentaries on Hebrews.  — Tim R. on Volume 47a: Hebrews 1–8 and Volume 47b: Hebrews 9–13

Probably the best English commentary on the Pastorals.  — Nathan S. on Volume 46: The Pastoral Epistles

Ready to add one of the most respected commentary series to your library? Snag the Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) Series (61 vols.) today, and see what else is on sale in September’s Top Picks.