Brand-New Book from N. T. Wright: The New Testament in Its World

Who here wants to enter the world of the New Testament by learning from one of the greatest living biblical scholars?

Well, with Zondervan’s upcoming release of N. T. Wright’s new book The New Testament in Its World, you can do just that.

In just under 1,000 pages, Dr. Wright and coauthor Michael F. Bird help readers see the New Testament through the eyes of first-century Christians. The book is comprehensive yet accessible for Christians in all walks of life—from biblical scholars to Bible students and everyone in between.

The book covers each book of the New Testament and explores topics like:

  • Why we must read the New Testament as history, literature, and theology
  • How the Jewish and Roman cultures shaped our Bibles—and our faith
  • Where the resurrection narratives differ in the Gospels and Paul’s Epistles—and why it matters
  • How the early Christians understood and lived their mission
  • And many more

Whether you want to brush up on your New Testament theology or teach a New Testament survey at your church or seminary, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded, insightful, immersive guide than The New Testament in Its World.

Pre-order The New Testament in Its World today, and it’ll automatically add to your Logos library when it goes live in November.

We’re on pins and needles for its release—what about you?