Learning Logos: Quickly See Relationships between OT and NT Passages


As I train Logos users I often say, There are numerous ways within the software to accomplish a given task.  Explore them all, and use the one that works best for you.

That’s certainly true of this blog’s topic: discovering the relationships between Old Testament and New Testament passages.

I’ve written about this before, but in this blog, I’ll show how to use the Concordance Guide section to reach that goal:

  • Choose Guides | Bible Reference Guides | Concordance
  • Type an Old Testament reference in the box like Isaiah 61 (A)
  • Press the Enter key to generate results 
  • Rest the cursor on the Concordance section title bar (B)
  • Click Settings on the far right of the bar (C)
  • Select Intertext (D)
  • Notice in the results all the places in the New Testament this chapter is referenced either explicitly or implicitly (E)
  • Type a New Testament reference in the box such as Luke 4 (F)
  • Press the Enter key to generate results
  • Notice all the Old Testament passages somehow referenced in Luke 4 (G)

The Concordance Guide section can be opened individually as we’ve done in this example or it can be added to the Passage Guide or Exegetical Guide or even your own custom Guide.

Regardless of how you access it, I think you can see this feature is a very fast way of seeing relationships between Old Testament and New Testament passages!

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  1. Ken Callan says

    Frustratingly, this feature doesn’t work in my Logos. Maybe its a feature that only works in the most expensive versions. I wish Morris would say which versions of logos a particular feature works in.

    • Matthew Boffey says

      Hey Ken,

      Sorry to hear this didn’t work for you. I’ve passed on your feedback to the right person. In the meantime, perhaps a customer service rep could help you? Sometimes there’s a workaround or easy way to get a feature working. You can reach them at 800-875-646.


  2. Ken Callan says

    Thanks Matt,

    After checking, I’m pretty sure that my fairly basic version of Logos doesn’t include this feature. I live in Australia, so ringing Logos is out of the question.

    I’ve raised this previously, it would be a simple but useful addition to the posts for Morris to indicate which versions or levels of Logos his post applies to.



  3. doesn’t work for me either. I’ve got the Platinum version of Verbum and am updated to 8.7 as of this morning (8/20). When I open of the Concordance and enter Isaiah 61 I get no results. Are we missing a step that needs to be done?

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Greg, Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I’ve passed on your feedback to the right person.

      In the meantime, give our customer service team a call. Sometimes there’s a workaround or easy way to get a feature working. You can reach them at 800-875-6467. Thank you! Karen

    • Don Urquhart says

      I had the same problem – no results when I entered Isaiah 61. I finally found that if I skipped the 3rd step “Press the Enter key to generate results” and just went to setting and clicked on “intertext” I got results. Hope that helps.

  4. I’m sorry for the confusion, everyone; let me try to help. The Concordance guide section currently draws information from your “label” datasets; in this case, the label used is “intertext” which is provided by the New Testament Use of the Old Testament Dataset. This dataset is available in Logos 8 Bronze and up (as well as in some older versions of Logos).

    For a full list of labels supported by the Concordance guide section, please see the Logos Help resource: https://ref.ly/logosres/logos4help?hw=Concordance+Section

  5. My version doesn’t show “settings.”


    When I choose Guides, there is no Bible Reference Guides => Concordance option.