5 Ways Right-Clicking Just Got Better—Logos 8.7 Update

Here’s what’s new to Logos 8 with the Logos 8.7 update release.

Right-clicking in your Bible is one of the fastest ways to leverage the powerful tools in Logos. In the latest version, we’ve made the Context menu—the one that pops up when you right-click—more compact and easier on the eyes.

But we haven’t just updated the look; we’ve made it simpler and more useful.

1. It’s prettier . . . and now flows left to right

On the left are all the different kinds of information embedded in the resource; choose one of these contexts, then select an action from the right. If you are a longtime Logos user, this might be a shock to your muscle memory at first. But it won’t be long before you adjust to the new layout, which we hope you’ll agree is more intuitive.

2. It’s easier to find the right tools

The most useful tools for each context are now pinned to the top of the right side for easy access. Looking at a Greek word? Hear the pronunciation or open the Bible Word Study guide. Looking for a reference? Try the Passage Guide or Text Comparison Tool (new to the Context menu).

Whether you are new to Logos or an old pro, you’ll always know where to find the best tool for any type of job. 

3. It allows more control over notes and highlights

Highlight text with the styles you last used, or add a note directly to one of your recent notebooks. (This works for other kinds of documents, too!) 

4. It’s faster to look up definitions

Pro tip: Preview a definition from your lexicon or dictionary by hovering over its abbreviation. Look up also now supports multiple-word selections, so you can find articles on topics like “Kingdom of Heaven” or “Son of God.” 

5. It has more search options

A more compact button design gives you more control over the kind of search to perform: Bible, Basic, Morph, etc. The new Series option allows you to search an entire commentary set for a phrase or put a Greek NT and Septuagint in the same series to search for a lemma across both corpora. 

Bonus: NEW Text Selection menu! 

But, hey, who has time to right-click? Many of the best features of the Context menu are now available when you simply highlight text with your mouse!

What people are saying about the update

Great job, Faithlife team, with the new Context menu. Love what you did with it in 8.7, particularly how efficient it is to jump into searches. Very organized, and definitely much prettier.           

— Tom V.

I love the direction taken with the changes to the Context menu. Any change requires adaptation of old habits it is true, but the move is toward greater ease of use and access and THAT IS GREAT. Specifically, I love: easy access to most-used notebooks, easy access to most-used highlighting styles, easy access to most-used guides, the ability to quickly preview parallel Bibles, dictionary entries, lexica from the context menu. . . . I want to congratulate the team for this big step in the right direction. Keep doing this!                           

— Francis R.

Thank you, Faithlife, for a fantastic update that simplifies some of my workflow. Having highlighting instantly available without having to have an extra pane open is fantastic. Even better is the ability to instantly add highlighted verses to a passage list without having to first go open the passage list. This is an update that was clearly focused on core usability and it shows. Well done!     

— Danny D.

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Note: These updates apply to the desktop app only.


  1. Nancy Dyck says

    When will 8.7 be released? Or is this just for those who have purchased your subscription service? Thank you.

    • Apologies, Nancy. We shipped 8.7 yesterday, but had to pull it back last night after we discovered that it was causing a crash for some users. We’ve fixed the issue and re-published the update now, so it should be ready for you to install. Hope you like it!

  2. Sheldon Kopperl says

    When will Logos 8.7 be released?

    • Sorry about that, Sheldon. We shipped 8.7 yesterday, but had to pull it back last night after we discovered that it was causing a crash for some users. We’ve fixed the issue and re-published the update now, so it should be ready for you to install. Hope you like it!

  3. David Medina says

    LOVE the new features, specially the Text Selection menu.

  4. I’m getting crashes every time I select a word and choose either “study” or “look up.”

  5. Anstey Jeremiah says

    I’ve never in all my years learned the keyboard, the new context menu is right up my alley, thanks guys. You would really make my year if you can make a slide of a passage with visual filters and prop outlines active. I did not know about grammatical parsing and I’m sure I’m not alone. Ive tried screenshots and Canvas but I guess I don’t have the know-how or patience

  6. This update is a great addition. Much more intuitive than the previous version. Thanks for all of your hard work to make our work easier.

  7. Philip Church says

    I am so glad you have put this out as I have been struggling with it for three weeks and nobody was able to help me solve the issues I had (until yesterday when I discovered that I needed to click on the lemma on the left hand side to access my lexicons on the right hand side)

  8. Love this update — well done guys

  9. Great! Now if only we could also read our resources from left to right as well! (ie. have them open on the left-hand side instead of always opening first on the right).

  10. Jan Pollok says

    Hi Adam,
    Thank you very much for explanation. Unfortunately my Logos crashes every time I select a word and choose either “study” or “look up” and “share”

  11. Philippe R. says

    I very much appreciate the contextual menu for its easy access to information.

    I regret not to find the command ‘open’ or ‘ouvrir’ in French to put at the top of the window the selected verse with the original text and the Apparatus Criticus at the top of their respective window.

    I would like to set the choice of bibles and dictionaries in the context menu.

  12. Michael Faltas says

    I have been using it but I was disappointed that it seems a feature that was there before has been removed.

    It used to be that when you click on a footnote and there is a link to another resource, you could right click on it and if you have multiple copies/versions of that resource you could select the one to which you would like to go to. This seems that it is no longer available.

    For example, when there is a footnote to a church father quotation, and you have more than one resource that contains that quotation, you can no longer select the one you want to go to.

    Please let me know if this feature has been removed.

  13. Excited to see this update. I am looking forward to working with later this week as I begin a new research project!

  14. Eric W Oleson says

    Ever consider including a “button” (it’s probably actually called a radio button) that can be pushed that reformats such posts and enables a clean print out of the post that is provided? Sorry, I’m just more of a Biblical Studies guy than tech guru…

  15. One of the simple ways of using logos has disappeared. Before the update I was able to copy and paste text from the bible straight into my sermon manuscript (sermon doc). It appeared in a box form. With the box form Logos easily formatted scripture into slides which were exported into .ppt files. Now the program gives me the options of style, line, or text, but none of the three copy into the box form, and do not move easily into slides. Please find a fix, or bring back the easy copy and paste. Thanks (long time happy Logos user) Wes

    • Hi, Wes, I’m sorry about that; we overlooked the paste-to-sermon functionality when we updated the copy Bible verse styles. We’ll have that fixed in the next version. (You can follow the discussion here.) In the meantime, you can simply type the reference into your Sermon document (with no space after), and hit the Enter key to insert the verse slide.

  16. Thanks

  17. Not to be a punk, but you really messed up the context menu with the shrinking scroll bar. It is almost impossible for me to scroll on it because there is only a limited space where the cursor can latch on to it without shrinking back and becoming unusable. Not helpful Logos. This is my MOST used feature and you made it practically unusable .

    • Hey, Kurt, I’m sorry about that. My name is Adam, and I’m the Punk Manager—uh, Product Manager, sorry about that—for the Logos desktop software. We know about this problem, and it’s a simple issue that will be fixed in the next release. You can follow this forum thread if you have more questions.

      So the context menu is your most-used feature? What do you use the context menu for most of the time?

  18. Adam, I use it constantly because I used to be able to mostly get whatever I wanted from it. The jury is still out on whether or not I will find it as effective as previously. However, I have another problem. I typically do searches and use the search list to copy and paste verses into my Word document. Now when I right click on a verse in my search list there is no way to copy it! I have to open the verse in a passage just to copy it. Visual copy is available for the search list verses but no copy. I tend to pull lots of verses from search lists and this really is an inconvenient change. (And you know how we all feel about change!!! LOL) I will suggest one change though, and I have suggested it before, make the context menu adjustable as far as what appears on top. I could move all of my favorite options it offers to the top and not have to scroll down very often. I tend to use the same pathways over and over to get to what I want but often the one I want I have to scroll down to get. For instance, when I select the verse on the left it opens up the options on the right and passage guide is at the top but I have a customized guide I use and it is way down in the list. Would be nice to be able to have it on top each time. Or my verse lists that I am always adding to. Would be nice to have them up top as opposed to something I rarely use like text comparison. Thanks

    • Thanks for the reply, Kurt.

      >Now when I right click on a verse in my search list there is no way to copy it!

      This is a known issue, which we have already fixed in the beta version of 8.8.

      >I will suggest one change… make the context menu adjustable as far as what appears on top.

      That’s a popular request which we are considering for the future. We haven’t decided if or when to do it, but the new design of the context menu allows for it.

  19. Hey, either Christmas came early with this surprising release or Imma gettin excited for 9.0! :-)