Massive Tomes. Bigger Savings.

Announcing the IVP sale: up to 30% off major collections this month only.

As we wrote in a different post, IVP is one of those names. Those names in biblical studies everyone knows.

You see a massive tome with the three big letters “IVP” on the binding, and you know, That’s a keeper. Not gonna see that in a garage sale.

This month’s featured publisher is IVP, which is exciting on its own.

But here’s what sweetens the deal:

1. The sale features bundles, which means you’re adding savings to savings.

In Logos, collections are the most cost-effective way to buy books, because you pay much less than the individual price of books added together. So when you take an additional 30% off, you’re stacking savings on already big savings.

2. Reference books are especially valuable in Logos.

Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference works—which IVP specializes in—do the most heavy lifting of all resources in Logos. Having these books in your library seriously fills out your search results.

This month you can shop several types of bundles, including categories like:

  • Commentaries
  • New Testament studies
  • Old Testament studies
  • Biblical theology
  • Theology
  • Reference
  • And more

Shop the sale now to add valuable resources to your Logos library.