Here’s $200 Toward a Logos Library

If you’ve never owned Logos before, now is the time to experience how powerful and simple it makes deep Bible study. 

For a limited time, first-time Logos package buyers get: 

What’s a Logos package? It’s a powerful combination of books and Logos features that break the Bible wide open for study. 

Making the transition from a paper to a digital library can be a big step. But there are very real advantages to investing in Logos.

Get a 100+ volume Bible study library (Starter)

Get immediate access to a Bible study library with 109 trusted biblical resources. Logos 8 Starter gives you a greater understanding and knowledge of the biblical text with instantly accessible Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, classic devotionals, creeds, autobiographies, apologetics, and more.

That includes:

  • CSB Study Bible Notes
  • Lexham Glossary of Theology
  • Bible Knowledge Commentary
  • Ryrie’s Basic Theology
  • Hodge’s 3-vol. Systematic Theology
  • Handbook of Christian Apologetics
  • And dozens more!

That means you’ll spend less time searching for information and more time studying the text, preparing for sermons and teachings, writing papers, and reading for personal enjoyment. What might take hours with a paper library can be accomplished in minutes with Logos 8 Starter.

Begin with Logos 8 Starter today for under $200 and build from there, keeping your current library every time you upgrade packages or add individual volumes. You never lose anything and you never need to buy a resource a second time. And every time you add a new book to your library, it’s integrated into Logos’ powerful search and cross-referencing functionality. Your digital library can grow and work together in ways a paper library never could.

Get a 200+ volume Bible study library (Bronze)

For an even more robust Logos experience, get Logos 8 Bronze—a collection of 203 books and dozens more features than Starter offers. 

If you compare Bronze with Starter, you’ll see that for just $230 more you get:

  • All the books and features included in Starter, plus
  • 66 more commentaries
  • 5 more theology books
  • 5 more original language resources
  • Dozens more features and datasets

The commentaries in Bronze alone would cost over $1,400 if purchased separately, but in Bronze, you get them—along with over 100 more books and dozens of Bible study tools—for less than $430. 

Studying the Bible in Logos is like having a personal Bible study assistant—one who has every book in the Bible and your library totally memorized. It allows you to do in seconds what would normally take hours, research any verse or topic with a click, and keep track of everything you learn with a high-powered notes system. 

If you want to take your Bible study to the next level, Logos is your guide.  

This offer is only available to first-time Logos buyers and it ends soon

This offer is only available to first-time Logos buyers, and it ends soon.

Get Logos 8 Starter or Logos 8 Bronze today.