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Prepare your sermons with help from masters of preaching. For a limited time, nearly all our sermon archives are 30% off.

Now through June 30, save on sermon archives from:

  • Tim Keller (1,300+ sermons)
  • John MacArthur (3,000+)
  • D.A. Carson (550+)
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  • and more

When you study how other preachers treat your passage, it not only helps you better understand and preach your passage, it shapes you as a preacher. And when you learn from the masters, you start to preach like the masters.

More than sermon transcripts

In Logos, sermons are more than transcripts—they’re Bible study tools. Linked and tagged like any other Logos resource, they are searchable and interconnected with your whole library, so you can access relevant insights in seconds. It’s like adding an entire commentary set from your favorite preachers. See how it works in the example below.

Studying a passage in Ephesians? With a few clicks, see all the sermons on that text in your collection. Compare how different preachers treat it, note the themes they draw out, and draw inspiration from the illustrations they use. If a quote sticks out to you, generate a beautifully designed quote slide for your sermon presentation in seconds using Visual Copy or Sermon Editor.

Sermons in Logos are like having a preaching mentor right on hand. And the more archives you have, the more mentors you have.

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  1. May I point out with all the love and grace I can, that there is not one woman in the photo line-up of “famous” pastors and preachers?
    May I also point out that there are many denominations that would approve and even welcome women to the pulpit and leadership positions?
    May I also ask, why this is not reflected in your photo line up? I have not checked into the list of preachers on the follow-up tab, but I am a woman with an M.Div, preached in pulpits and taught in the Church setting. Please reflect my gender in this list of preachers.