Free John Frame Course Available Now—Plus Excerpt from Theology of Genesis

This month’s free book isn’t a book—it’s a course by the esteemed professor John Frame.

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In OT303: Theology of Genesis, professor David Baker proposes an interesting activity that will help you read Genesis 1 with fresh eyes:

If you were a first-time reader of Genesis 1—place yourself in their shoes—you’d know nothing about anything that’s mentioned there. If you only read Genesis 1 with paper and pen or with computer beside you, write down what you would find out about God. This is a practical way of doing theology.

Just some of the things: This elohim is present at the beginning. Whatever the beginning was, God is preexistent. He creates—we find out that from verse 1. He’s also separate from creation. He has a spirit. He speaks. He creates through words. His speaking brings things to existence. He perceives. He sees things. He differentiates, separating one thing from another. He names. He makes. God evaluates (“This is good”), and He also uses secondary creators—it says the land produces. He blesses the animals, the humans, and the seventh day. He shares His image with humanity, and with them also, He delegates authority and rule. Both male and female relate to God’s image. God provides food for the human and the animal, and He rests.

Really, this is a useful exercise—not just for Genesis 1 and 2, but you could write your own theology, your own biblical theology, by saying, “Every passage I read, what do I learn about God?” I urge you, as you read Scripture, ask that question.


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