Free Course + 2 More for 80% Off

“Clarity of Scripture” means the Bible is not a puzzle to unscramble but is clear enough for people to understand, believe, and follow.

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  • BI103 Principles of Bible Interpretation (2 hour course)
  • OT303 Theology of Genesis (3 hour course)

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  1. Dale Durnell says

    I got the first one free, I got the second one, and the third one. THEN, when I tried to order the 4th one for $39, it kept showing up in my shopping cart for $189 (that’s full price and $150 more than advertised).
    I emailed the sales department while I was on vacation last week and have yet to hear back from anyone, one way or the other.
    Houston, we have a problem . . . .

    • Matthew Boffey says

      Hey there, Dale. Yep, we’re having an issue with our site. Our team is working hard to get it resolved, but thanks for taking the time to let us know.