Free Course + 2 More for 80% Off

“Clarity of Scripture” means the Bible is not a puzzle to unscramble but is clear enough for people to understand, believe, and follow.

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  • BI103 Principles of Bible Interpretation (2 hour course)
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  1. Dale Durnell says:

    I got the first one free, I got the second one, and the third one. THEN, when I tried to order the 4th one for $39, it kept showing up in my shopping cart for $189 (that’s full price and $150 more than advertised).
    I emailed the sales department while I was on vacation last week and have yet to hear back from anyone, one way or the other.
    Houston, we have a problem . . . .

    • Matthew Boffey says:

      Hey there, Dale. Yep, we’re having an issue with our site. Our team is working hard to get it resolved, but thanks for taking the time to let us know.