Only 2 More Days: All Logos Packages 20% Off

The final hours of the Logos package sale are upon us.

Right now every Logos package is 20% off, with no limits to how many you can stack on each other. That’s great news for current Logos owners (see points #2 and #4 below) as well as new ones.

Here are five quick reasons to jump on this sale.

1. Save on books through bundling

On average, you save 90% on your books when you buy them as part of a package compared to buying them individually.

For example, in Logos 8 Bronze, one commentary series alone is worth almost the entire package—not to mention the 100+ other books and resources you get.

Browse any package to see for yourself.

2. Save on additional libraries

All you current Logos owners, listen up. There’s a myth still floating around that when you buy a new package, that replaces your old one.

Not true, not true, not true.

Quite the opposite, it adds to it.

In fact, when you stack packages, you save on any overlap. That’s because of Dynamic Pricing—our commitment that you never pay for the same thing twice.

When we launched Logos 8, a few customers told us they bought multiple packages at once, because they knew Dynamic Pricing would kick in to offer them the best price.

That’s still the case, and your Dynamic Price is calculated automatically when you shop while you’re signed in.

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3. Get a curated package (libraries + features)

I counted, and we have 66 different packages—from a free one for beginners to a mega-huge one for power users.

The reason we have 66? So you can find that one that fits you.

Our standard line features eight different packages. They aren’t particular to a certain tradition or use, and they’re the most popular packages.

But we also have lines for specific uses and traditions, with multiple levels in those lines, too. Choose from multiple denominational packages, including:

  • Baptist
  • Anglican
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist & Wesleyan
  • Pentecostal & Charismatic
  • Reformed
  • Academic lines

All these options mean you can find the package that’s right for you—with the books and features you find most relevant.

Explore all packages.

4. Enjoy new Logos features

Another reason to get Logos 8 while it’s on sale? You’ll save on amazing new features like Canvas, Workflows, improved Notes, and the Theology Guide.

These are all cutting-edge features in Logos that will help you dig into Scripture and theology more deeply than before.

See what’s new in Logos.

5. Get all your money back if you’re not completely satisfied

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t find your purchase to be worth the investment, we’ll refund the full amount.

Hop on this sale while you can—it ends May 31 at midnight (PST).