Ending Tomorrow: Individual Commentary Sale on NICOT/NICNT

You have until midnight tomorrow to get individual volumes for $29.99 or less.

NICOT/NICNT volumes are some of the highest-rated evangelical commentaries in existence. On bestcommentaries.com:

  • 15 volumes are ranked #1 for their book
  • 39 make the top 3
  • Only 7 volumes fall outside the top 5

And some of these volumes are only $19.99 right now.

Shop the sale before it ends tomorrow.

Why NICOT/NICNT is so popular

There are many reasons pastors and seminarians love this series, but a few stand out:

  • They are evangelical: Every author in the series affirms Scripture as the inspired, infallible word of God.
  • They are critical yet theological: Authors apply modern scholarly methods and deal in textual criticism and textual, literary, and form analysis. Comments are based on the author’s own translation of the Greek or Hebrew, thus stand on a deep familiarity with the text. But comments transcend observation and move into theological reflection and even application.
  • They are well organized: Generally speaking, technical comments are relegated to the footnotes, and broader commentary to the body text. This makes it easy to locate areas of interest and then dig deeper.

The NICOT/NICNT series is your keep-in-the-trunk toolbox for every occasion. It’s well-balanced yet thorough; it doesn’t sacrifice quality for comprehensiveness.

Shop this incredible sale while you can—it ends May 15 at midnight (PST).