Get Up to 47% off Courses, Books, and Collections

April’s Monthly Sale is packed with resources to study the life and work of Christ, including a 3-course Mobile Ed bundle that’s a whopping 47% off.

About the Mobile Ed bundle, Jesus and the Resurrection

Combining three courses that would normally cost $480—but now total just $250—this bundle is perfect for the Easter season. These courses will:

  • Uncover the archaeology of Jesus’ time (with Dr. Craig Evans)
  • Walk you through the Gospels, including their reliability, key teachings, and key moments (with Mark Strauss)
  • Reflect at length on the resurrection of Jesus (various scholars)

Mark Strauss’s course is normally $300, but here you get it with two other courses for less than that. (Also included in the bundle is a brief series of meditations on the life of Christ by top biblical and theological scholars.)

Watch an introduction to each course here.

Below is a trailer for the course on the resurrection:

Explore the bundle.

Books on sale

There are also a number of excellent books and collections on sale this month, including these highlights:

  • Crossway Christological Studies Collection (8 vols.)26% off. When we understand what Jesus has done for us, our natural response is worship. This collection focuses on the birth of Jesus, his incarnation, and his miracles, and examines a proper response to his Lordship.

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