Save Up to 43% on Favorites Like Ryken, Lloyd-Jones, and Hughes

March has many of the best sales you’ll see all year—starting with Logos March Matchups. But don’t forget all the other ways to save on new books this month—including works from popular authors like:

  • Leeland Ryken
  • Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  • William Lane Craig
  • R. Kent Hughes
  • Kevin Vanhoozer 

Save Up to 43% off in the Monthly Sale

In addition to the names above, here are other popular titles and collections on sale this month: 

Honoring the Son: Jesus in Earliest Christian Devotional Practice, now 37% off. How do early Christians’ worship practices shape our faith today? Look into the worship habits of the earliest Christians with scholar Larry W. Hurtado to understand the place of Jesus in Christian devotion.

Evangelical Press Study Commentary (26 vols.), now 39% off. Dive into the commentary series lauded by Banner of Truth as “invaluable tools for ministers, theologians, and serious students of the Scriptures. This series is both ‘readable and user-friendly.’”

Crossway Studies on the Bible (8 vols.), now 39% off. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to biblical interpretation or deeper insights on the Bible’s origin and reliability, you can find something to deepen your study and challenge your thinking in this collection.

See what else is up for grabs in March’s Monthly Sale.

Save 40% on excellent Weaver titles

Lexham Press (Faithlife’s publishing arm) recently acquired the Weaver Book Company, which means we’ve been busy linking and tagging the digital versions for the Logos format—making them even more useful than their paper counterparts.

Cultural Issues Bundle (10 vols.)

Helping your church navigate our ever-changing culture isn’t getting easier anytime soon. From gender and homosexuality to suffering and revival, the Cultural Issues Bundle (10 vols.) offers helpful insights from pastors, professors, and Christian thinkers. Books you’ll find in this collection include:

  • Born This Way? by J. Alan Branch
  • enGendered by Sam A. Andreades
  • A New Apostolic Reformation by R. Douglas Geivett and Holly Pivec

Pastoral Ministry Bundle (25 vols.)

It’s easy to find a nice pastoral routine, but sometimes your routine can rock your ministry to sleep. Inject life into your studies with Weaver’s Pastoral Ministry Bundle (25 vols.), which gives you insights on preaching, theology, tough biblical topics, and more. A few titles we think you’ll like:

  • I Will Lift My Eyes Unto the Hills by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
  • The Language of Salvation by Victor Kuligin (a Christianity Today finalist for 2015 Book of the Year in biblical studies
  • Persuasive Preaching by R. Larry Overstreet

You can also grab the whole Weaver collection for 40% off, this month only. The Weaver Book Company Master Collection (40 vols.) is only $359.99—a savings of over $200—and includes all the books listed above and more.


Take a look at the five other Weaver collections you can get for 40% off this month.


  1. Anything by Ryken is worth getting! Love his writing ministry.

  2. You run your regular monthly ad in addition to March Madness? And this March Madness is going to break more banks than probably any in the past.

    I have 64 book bundles that I have to sort through to decide whether they have books I really want, and most will still end up costing probably over $100 each. Then you have your regular sale on top of that?

    The fact that you can offer these bundles at potentially huge discounts shows that you have a lot of flexibility with your prices for a lot of your books.

    I’m glad for the sales, but it’s a bit overwhelming.

  3. Not to nit pick (though maybe I am doing that), but Hughes’ name is actually R. Kent Hughes. The R is his first initial, not his middle. At least, that’s how it appears on the covers of his books and on his Logos author page.
    Thank you for these deals. Anything by Lloyd-Jones is worth buying and reading.

    • Matthew Boffey says:

      Thanks, Rob! You’re right, that was an oversight on our part. Fixed.

      And agree heartily about Lloyd-Jones.


  4. Where are Martin Lloyd-Jones’ books? I don’t see them.

  5. Thank you. It seems I’m only missing one volume of his, and it’s not on sale. I can wait. I appreciate your response.