Trace and Teach Jesus through Every Page of Scripture

You never know what gold you’ll discover when you dig into God’s Word—or what tools you’ll need for digging.

This month, we’ve got some great resources on sale that can help you unearth Scripture and teach Jesus from every page.

Weaver Pastoral Ministry Bundle (25 vols.)

This collection guides you through your sermon prep from start to finish. Start with one of the six books on how to prepare and deliver your sermons. Then, dive into the commentaries or biblical studies guides by Leland Ryken. Wrap up by taking a look at the biblical theology resources and studies on the Trinity and how we talk about salvation.

$399.99 Now $239.99

Weaver Biblical Studies & Biblical Theology Bundle (16 vols.)

Explore special themes and biblical genres with this 16-volume collection. With books on biblical poetry, proverbs, covenants, and Old Testament prayers, there’s a lot to glean.

$249.99 Now $149.99

Roy Gingrich’s Commentaries in Outline Form (100 vols.)

This collection gives you verse-by-verse commentary through the entire Bible from a dispensational perspective. You’ll also get 40 other books on specific themes from Scripture, such as:

  • The Seven Parables of the Kingdom
  • The Gifts of the Spirit
  • The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

$279.99 Now $169.98

Evangelical Press Study Commentary (26 vols.)

See some of the best biblical exposition from notable Reformed scholars with this 26-volume set. Authors in this collection include:

  • John D. Currid, professor at Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Dale Ralph Davis, teaching elder at Woodland Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg, MS
  • Iain Duguid, professor at Grove City College and pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church

$364.99 Now $219.98


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