New Testament Nerds Take Notice

This ain’t your grandmother’s New Testament studies collection.

Currently in Pre-Pub is a dynamic collection of New Testament monographs from T&T Clark, the reputable publisher behind the International Critical Commentary, Barth’s Church Dogmatics, and other important works.

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Did you know there were studies on . . . 

Boasting 29 volumes, this collection takes you deep into a number of fascinating topics and debates in New Testament studies:

  1. A fresh, nuanced look at Paul’s teaching about church and state (speaking anachronistically)
  2. Early Christian understanding of Jesus as the female divine
  3. Hebrews as a letter about resisting the Empire
  4. New research and perspectives on the adulteress pericope in John
  5. The conflict between lust for honor and the cross in 1 Corinthians

There is always more to see in Scripture, and always room to dig deeper. These monographs will help you do just that.


Browse this collection to see what other topics are explored. If you pre-order the product now while it’s gathering interest, you get it at nearly half the price.