Meet Your Champions: A Little about the Winning Bundles and Courses

Logos March Matchups is a wrap—but the deals are just beginning.

Meet your champions.

At the above link, you can browse the two winners—the Hebrews bundle and the Gospels and History Mobile Ed bundle—as well as the runners-up in both categories.

Here’s a bit of commentary on each one:


I cannot believe the commentaries included here, and which ones are under $10!

Jump on these fast:

Also, while not under $10, Paul Ellingworth’s commentary is worth a look—it’s part of NIGTC.

Personally, Hebrews is my second-favorite New Testament book (behind Ephesians), so I was pleased to see this one win. I hope many will take advantage of the great commentaries on this incredibly important book.

Shop the Hebrews bundle.

Mobile Ed: The Gospels and History 

I’ll let the professors of the courses in this bundle do the talking:


Learn more about this course bundle.

Logos runner-up: John

Again, some wonderful commentaries are in this bundle—and on such a wonderful book of the Bible. John’s Gospel is obviously unique from the other three, rich with trinitarian theology and Old Testament allusions.

I highly recommend these two from the collection:

  • D.A. Carson’s work from the Pillar New Testament Commentary Series —named the #1 commentary on John by ($18.06)
  • John Verse By Verse, by the late Grant Osborne. Dr. Osborne dedicated his life to studying the Gospels and taught Johaninne literature for many years at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. This commentary finds him in his wheelhouse. ($11.18)

Shop more from the John bundle.

Mobile Ed runner-up: Jesus and the World He Lived In

Read even one page of any Gospel, and you can see how rooted they are in the geography, culture, religion, and politics of the time.

This bundle will give you a thorough understanding of those Gospels so that you don’t read them as a twenty-first-century reader but as a first-century one.

Explore this bundle.