Learn Greek and Logos at the Same Time—so Both Stick

Confession: in seminary I used Logos as a crutch. I hovered my mouse over the word for parsing—and on I went, hover by hover, letting what I had painstakingly learned about Greek grammar slowly drip out of my brain.

My loss.

When it comes time for refreshing my Greek (a 2020 goal), I know exactly where I’ll turn: Biblical Greek Made Simple.

And in doing so I’ll accomplish another goal: learn Logos better.

What makes this grammar different

This new Greek grammar from Lexham Press embraces what Logos offers for language learning while avoiding it as a crutch:

A typical grammar would ask a student, “What is the parsing of λύομαι?” To which your answer would be “present, middle/passive, indicative, first-person, singular, from λύω.” Instead, this grammar will say, “Your Bible software tells you that λύομαι is present, middle/passive, indicative, first-person, singular, from λύω. How does Logos know that? What does it mean to be present? What does it mean to be middle/passive? What does it mean to be indicative? And how good of a job did your English translation do in translating that word?”

— from the Introduction

So go ahead and hover, but then use the answers to learn more, not less.

That’s the strategy behind Biblical Greek Made Simple. And there are four aspects of the grammar I find particularly helpful in executing on that strategy:

  1. Links to helpful videos
  2. Links to Logos training
  3. Visual filters
  4. The hover

1. Greek learning videos

At just the right places throughout the grammar, author Dr. Daniel Zacharias includes links to YouTube videos that help explain his point.

This video on consonants gives you a taste. He uses the medium of animation and design to cement the concepts in your mind.

2. Logos learning videos

Let’s be honest: learning Logos can be overwhelming—not because it’s difficult, but because there’s much to learn. A friend of mine compared Logos to the Batmobile: it’s powerful on its own, but not just anyone can get behind the wheel. Only when the driver knows what they’re doing is its force truly unleashed.

This Greek grammar tells you what Logos functions to learn, and when. The Logos skills will not only aid your grammar learning but your exegesis and interpretation as well—and get you more and more acquainted with Logos.

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3. Visual filters

One of my favorite features of Logos is color-coded parts of speech. This grammar uses it in dictionary entries, paradigm charts (below), and more.

Plus, you’ll learn early on how to apply visual filters to the Greek text (example) to aid you in translation.

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4. The hover

Oh the hover, the glorious, glorious hover. Reveal parsing, translations, abbreviations, and more just by moving your mouse. This feature seriously strips much of the busywork out of grammar learning.

Logos hover

I have often bemoaned letting my Greek slip. This resource comforts me to know that a stellar refresh is on hand—and it’ll help me learn Logos better, too.

Explore it now.

Praise for this grammar:

“Danny Zacharias is a master teacher of elementary Greek. I’m delighted to see in this new book, Biblical Greek Made Simple, a coalescence of Dr. Zacharias’ scholarly knowledge, pedagogical skill, and technological competence. As many colleges and seminaries already employ Logos Bible Software in the teaching of Greek, this textbook, which integrates learning to use the Logos software alongside a more traditional teaching approach, will prove invaluable.”

— Robert L. Plummer, professor of New Testament interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary



  1. Rod Rogers says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to peruse Biblical Greek Made Simple but I suspect that there is a gold mine in that grammar for Mr. Zacharias and those who read it.

  2. Joe Griffin says

    I thought the digital price was too high considering I can buy a new hardcopy for under $19.