Big Twist in Logos March Matchups—Just in Time for the Finals

We changed the rules—in your favor.

For the last several years, Logos March Matchups have been a well-loved opportunity to get great books and courses on sale.

We’ve listened to your feedback about this year’s bundles and have decided to discount individual titles.

So if there was just one book in the Zephaniah bundle that caught your eye, but you didn’t want the rest, that’s fine—you can get just that one book at the same discount as the rest of the bundle.

With that in mind, your votes count more now than ever.

Go and vote now.

Logos bracket update

Rounds 3 and 4 saw the elimination of some heavy hitters—with their books and bundles now 35–50% off—including:  

  • Exodus
  • Daniel
  • Romans
  • Revelation

Go shop all eliminated resources, currently on sale from 35 to 50% off—and that includes individual titles in each bundle.

Mobile Ed bracket update

The same discount goes for Mobile Ed—eliminated resources are now 35–50% off, including some of these popular course bundles:

  • History of Biblical Interpretation Bundle
  • Craig A. Evans New Testament Backgrounds Bundle
  • Craig S. Keener Interpreting the New Testament Bundle
  • Discipleship Training Bundle


Head to to vote and shop deals, and be sure to keep checking back to drive your favorites to the finals.