And the Winner Is . . .

The true and better bundle. The great high champion. The winner once and for all.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Logos March Matchup winning bundle is:


Now today, if you read this post, you should know a few things:

  • Individual titles in every book bundle are on sale—now through March 31.

That last one’s the big one. It’s not just the bundle that’s on sale, it’s every individual book in the bundle, too.

So if there’s just one volume from the Hebrews bundle catching your eye, go for it.

But with savings up to 60%, we think you may want to shop around.


Shop now—and hurry. Deals end March 31.


  1. Ray Timmermans says:

    Didn’t care for this year’s March madness. Wasn’t as good as previous years.

  2. The sentence “Now today, if you read this post, you should know a few things:” makes me wonder if the writer of this post had Hebrews 4:7 in mind.
    The rhythm of the sentence is similar, but it seems inappropriate to me to use such a serious warning in order to sell books.