Last Chance: Individual Anchor Yale Bible Volumes, Just $20

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A staple of seminary libraries, these prestigious commentaries represent the pinnacle of biblical scholarship, drawing from the wisdom and resources of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars from around the world.

The Anchor Yale Bible is a book-by-book translation and detailed commentary of the Hebrew Bible, Greek New Testament, and Apocrypha, standing on mountains of the most significant historical and linguistic insights on the texts.

The Anchor Yale Bible favors exact translation and extended exposition, and takes pains to reconstruct the ancient setting of the biblical story as well as the circumstances of its transcription and the characteristics of its transcribers.

The result is a highly useful commentary that provides thorough insight on every element of biblical exegesis, including:

  • Syntax, grammar, and morphology
  • Textual criticism
  • Historical, literary, and cultural context
  • Literary structure
  • Theology
  • And more

Simply put, an Anchor Yale Bible commentary, once added to your library, becomes your most useful commentary.

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