54 Ways to Save on Church History and Theology Books

Every battle you face, someone has faced before.

Whether it’s personal, theological, or relational—the root issues span back to the dawn of time. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 teaches, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

That’s why studying the lives and theology of our spiritual ancestors is so beneficial: they give us clarity and wisdom to face today.

This month, we’re featuring Church history and biographies in the monthly sale.

Study the lives of biblical characters

Bible Biography Series (27 vols.), now 40% off

Boasting over 9,000 pages on 27 biblical characters, The Bible Biography Series is a great resource for anyone who wants to better pattern their life on the heroes of the faith.

And in Logos, every word of it is tagged and easily searchable, so you don’t have to go digging for insights—Logos finds them for you.

Learn from renowned theologians

Theologians on the Christian Life (4 vols.) series, now 36% off

This collection covers four giants of theology whose contributions impact the Church today:

  • John Wesley
  • B.B. Warfield
  • Francis Schaeffer
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Michael Reeves of the Wales Evangelical School of Theology says of the volume on Charles Wesley, “Readers are in for a treat here. Lively and thoughtful, appreciative but not uncritical, this book shows compellingly why even those who would not call themselves Wesleyan have a great deal to benefit from John Wesley.”

See why Sinclair Ferguson and others praise this series, including Os Guinness, John M. Frame, and D.A. Carson. 

Celebrate Black History Month

History and Theology of the African American Church, 7-hour Mobile Ed course, now 42% off

In the course, Dr. Carl F. Ellis covers key topics for understanding African-Americans’ engagement with the Church, including:

The subject matter of this course is essential to building unity within the Church, especially in America.

Explore your Christian foundations

T&T Clark Studies in Early Christianity (13 vols.), now 41% off

This collection presents recent scholarship on the early Church’s foundation, development, and spread throughout the Roman world. Titles include:

  • Becoming Christian: Essays on 1 Peter and the Making of Christian Identity by David G. Horrell
  • Manichaeism: An Ancient Faith Rediscovered by Nicholas J. Baker-Brian
  • The Mind of Christ: Humility and the Intellect in Early Christian Theology by Stephen T. Pardue


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