How to Choose the Right Logos Package for You—and Save

Logos 8 launched on October 29, and since then thousands have either upgraded to Logos 8 or invested in Logos for the first time. 

And all of them got a launch celebration discount

Here’s how to get yours before the sale ends February 7—and how to make sure you get the package that’s right for you.

1. Sign in

Truly, the simplest way to both see your savings and get an accurate recommendation is to sign into this page.

If you have a Logos account, it will recommend a package for you based on what you already own. You can see what’s included in that package, and you’ll see your purchase price before you even go to the cart.

You can also then use that recommendation to compare other packages.

When you shop while signed in, you’ll see your discounted price on every product you consider, so it’s the best way to know what your savings are before you head to the cart.

Sign in now.

2. Take a short quiz to help you decide

If you are new to Logos and aren’t sure what package is right for you, we recommend this quiz.

It’ll ask you a few simple questions about your church involvement, Bible study habits and goals, and how much (or little) you’re looking to invest in Logos, then suggest a package based on your answers.

There are a lot of Logos 8 options to choose from, so this quiz is a great resource for pointing you straight to the best choice for your needs and budget.

Take the quiz.

3. Go your own way

If you want to dig around and weigh all your options, we’ve created a number of posts and pages just for you:

  • See what’s new in Logos 8. Maybe this is your first time hearing about Logos 8, or you need a refresher. This page gives you an overview of the new features.  
  • Understand upgrading. If you have an older version of Logos and want to know how to upgrade, you’ll love this simple summary.
  • Compare packages. Want the details of what’s different between each package? This page is for you. You can compare both libraries and features.
  • Upgrade just your features. If you know you don’t want more books, and just want new features, this is your guide.

Again, that first post is going to walk you through all your options, so I highly recommend starting there so you don’t miss anything.

4. Purchase before February 7

No matter what package or upgrade you choose, you’ll want to get it before February 7 at midnight (PST). That’s when the launch discounts end.

Again, the simplest way to see your discount as you shop is to sign in. That way you know exactly what your discount is on any product.

Just know your discount is the combination of two layers of savings:

  • Logos 8 launch discounts: ranging from 10–25% for most people
  • Dynamic Pricing: your unique, adjusted price (pre-discount) based on what you already own, so you don’t pay for the same thing twice.

Both of these are automatically calculated when you’re signed in, so no need to enter a coupon code or call in to get your discount.  


Sign in to see your recommended Logos 8 package. And remember, Logos 8 discounts end February 7 at midnight (PST).