Get Isaiah for Everyone—Free until Jan. 31

Isaiah is a notoriously difficult book to study and teach, not only for its length (66 chapters) but also because of the challenge of unraveling Old Testament prophecy for modern hearers.

Dive into the depths of Isaiah with January’s free book, Isaiah for Everyone, by John Goldingay—without getting overwhelmed.

Each chapter in the book dissects a few key elements of each passage in Isaiah. For example, the section on Isaiah 40:1–11 expands on the command of verse 1 by asking: Who is commanded to comfort God’s people? Because the verb is plural, it’s not simply a command to Isaiah. Who else is God addressing?

In Isaiah for Everyone, you’ll find deep insights you can rely on for your sermons, study guides, or background research.

Pick up Isaiah for Everyone free until January 31.

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