Every Logos Sale Happening Now, in One Post

From free books to discounts on Logos 8, here’s everything that’s free and on sale this month on Logos.com, Faithlife Connect, and Faithlife Ebooks.

Free books

  • Awe, by Paul David Tripp

At the links above you’ll also find books for $2–$4, including two popular Old and New Testament exegesis books.

4 free Bible study bundles

To celebrate the new year and all the new opportunities to dig into God’s Word, we’ve put together four free bundles.

One is for anyone who doesn’t own a Logos base package.

It includes:

  • Logos 7 Basic
  • Streams in the Desert
  • Study, Apply, and Share: Luke (Pastorum Series)
  • Jesus and the Witness of the Outsiders (audio course)
  • The Interpreter: Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible

The other three are available with a free trial to Faithlife Connect. Faithlife Connect is an all-in-one subscription to Bible study resources, including Logos Bible Software, Christian TV and movies, video-based Bible and theology courses, and ebooks. You can keep your study pack even if you don’t continue into a Connect subscription.

New Year book discounts

If you own a base package, this is the New Year sale for you.

You’ll find books and libraries on sale around specific Bible study goals, such as:

You’ll find books, courses, and library bundles up to 75% off, so shop the New Year sale now.

Logos 8 discounts

We’re still in the launch celebration period, which means Logos 8 discounts are in effect.

Sign in to see your custom price. Depending on your situation, you may qualify for:

  • 10% off — all first-time base package purchasers
  • 25% off — all first-time Logos 8 complete upgrade purchasers
  • 20–40% off — special Logos academic discount for students and faculty

These discounts apply to purchases of Logos 8 or complete upgrades. There may be other discounts, too, depending on your purchase history, so sign in to see your prices.

Sign in and shop.

Other sales

There’s always something on sale at Logos.com. Here are the three categories where you can find books for up to 90% off:

On Sale Today — all deals

Here you can see every book or collection that’s on sale across our entire catalog, and sort by savings or other categories to help you find what just you’re looking for.

Monthly Sale — up to 84% off

There are a lot of wonderful titles on sale this month, including:

Top Picks (formerly Publisher Spotlight) – up to 30% off

There are seven collections featured, ranging from commentaries to Church history.

I’m particularly intrigued by the Armchair Theologian Series. Written by experts but designed for the novice, the Armchair series provides accurate, concise, and witty overviews of some of the most profound moments and theologians in Christian history. From early figures like Aquinas to modern-day greats like Martin Luther King Jr., from the Reformation to Liberation Theology, these books offer an engaging taste of a complex array of events, doctrines, and movements.

Browse the Top Picks sales.

Here’s the recap:

Free items: