Choose Your Free Bible Study Starter Packs

Yesterday we posted about ways to kickstart your yearly Bible study goals.

Today, we’re back with another of a different kind: free Bible study starter packs.

We all come into the new year with different goals. Some of us just want to finally nail down a habit of Bible reading, while others have loftier goals, like learning (or relearning) Greek and Hebrew.

We’ve put together three packs for three different goals, available free with a trial to Faithlife Connect (and to current subscribers):

  • Devotions: Get more from your Bible reading
  • Leadership: Grow as a pastor and preacher
  • Scholarship: Sharpen your Greek and Hebrew

Each pack comes with two books and an audio course to jumpstart your studies, and they’re yours to keep even after your Faithlife Connect trial ends.

Get your free study pack.

What is Faithlife Connect?

Faithlife Connect is an all-in-one subscription to Christian resources. You get access to:

  • Digital Bible study tools and books (Logos Bible Software)
  • Christian TV and movie streaming (Faithlife TV Plus)
  • Online Bible and theology courses (Faithlife Courses)
  • And Christian ebooks (Faithlife Ebooks)

You also get extra perks, like special discounts to Faithlife products.

Faithlife Connect is a low-cost way to access high-powered tools for studying Scripture. It consolidates your resources into one convenient place and exposes you to a rotating selection of books and courses to keep you sharp on different topics and themes of Scripture.


Start a free trial, and get a free Bible study starter pack when you do.


  1. Tim Towers says:

    I would Love to have one of these starter packs but I’m not sure of the value of Connect. I already have Logos Bronze and haven’t even come close to reading the books in my Library. Don’t want to just grab the free starter pack but I’m not sure I would have time to take advantage of the resources. Any thoughts?

    • Matthew Boffey says:

      Hey Tim, I understand your concern—you want to make sure you have time to absorb the value of Connect. You are totally welcome to start the free trial and poke around to see if you like what Connect offers, and if you don’t think it’s right for you, no problem! You can end your trial and keep the starter pack, and that won’t be “sneaky” or anything. Thanks for your question. (If you *do* try Connect, I’d take a look at what Faithlife TV has, as well as your options for Mobile Ed courses. It’s pretty cool, everything that comes with Connect!)