Upgrade to Logos 8 and Give Logos to a Friend for Free

What’s the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves the Bible? Logos, of course.

And now you can get a free copy of Logos 7 Fundamentals to give away when you upgrade to Logos 8 before the end of the year. And if you upgrade by Thursday, December 20, you’ll get the code in time for Christmas.

What will you get in Logos 8?

  • Workflows: Get step-by-step instructions for studying a passage, word, theological topic, biblical place or person, and more. We even show you what Logos tools to use.
  • Theology Guide: Logos isn’t just for Bible study anymore. With the Theology Guide, you’ll get an overview of major doctrines, plus links to further reading.
  • Canvas: Work the biblical text—from highlighting and circling to sentence diagramming or creating beautiful charts and visuals. Canvas is like combining a whiteboard, a notebook, and Logos tools into one.

What will your friend get in Logos 7 Fundamentals?

  • A digital Bible study library: 33 essential resources for Bible study, including commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, audio Bibles, and devotionals.
  • A selection of Logos tools: Including the Passage Guide, Factbook, the Courses tool, and more.

Logos 7 Fundamentals—a $99.99 value—is the perfect starting point for someone who is brand new to Logos.

Hurry, you only have two days to upgrade if you want to give someone Fundamentals for Christmas. And as a special Christmas gift for yourself, we’re throwing in five brand-new Workflows for free.

Upgrade to Logos 8 now.


Don’t own Logos yet? If Logos 8 is your first base package, you’ll get a special bonus: an extra $100 off. (And you’ll get that copy of Fundamentals for a friend, too.) Learn more.


  1. Is this offer also for LOGOS 8 German Users available?

    • Karen Engle says:

      Hi Raphael,

      Thank you for your question. This offer is only for customers who purchased a full base package or library only upgrade, and it only applies to English standard and denominational packages and Verbum.

  2. Refik Ozbay says:

    I have upgraded yesterday to Logos 8 (bronze) but have not yet received the Gift. Where and how can I claim the gift so that I can extend it to a brother?

    • Karen Engle says:

      Hi Refik,
      Thanks for reaching out! If you purchased the upgrade between 12/17 & 12/20, you should have received your code via email on 12/21. If you did not receive that email, please reach out to customer service at 800-875-6467 +1 360-527-1700. Thank you!

  3. I upgraded to logos 8 already. is there any chance I can get this logos 7 fundamentals package for a friend for free?

    • Karen Engle says:

      Hi Sonya,

      Thank you for asking! If you upgraded between 12/21 and 12/31, you should receive your code via email on 1/7. If you upgraded between 10/29 and 12/20, you should have already reacieved a code via email. If you did not yet receive the code, give our customer service team a call! 800-875-6467 or +1 360-527-1700. Best, Karen

  4. can I please get a code, I too upgraded!

    • Matthew Boffey says:

      Hi Derek,

      I’m sorry you haven’t received your code yet. Have you checked your email’s spam folder? It shouldn’t have gone there, but perhaps it did, because you should have already received a code via email. If you didn’t, please give our customer service team a call! You can reach them at 800-875-6467 or +1 360-527-1700, or via email at cs@logos.com.