NEW: Get an Extra $100 off Logos 8

If you’ve been considering getting your first Logos package, now’s the time.

Through December 31, you can get an extra $100 off. That’s on top of the launch celebration discount.

Plus, we’re throwing in five free Workflows and a free Christmas gift for a friend of your choice.

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How Logos 8 makes deep Bible study easy

When we made Logos 8, we wanted to make it simple for anybody to start studying the Bible in depth. That led to the easiest-to-use version of Logos yet:

  • Step-by-step instructions: In Logos 8, you choose the type of study you want to do, and we guide you through each step. We even show you what books and Logos tools to use along the way.
  • A central dashboard for Bible study: Open Logos 8, and everything you need is ready and waiting. You’ll immediately see this isn’t just a tool for specialists or scholars: it’s for anybody who loves God’s Word.
  • A canvas for capturing insights: Create stunning visuals that capture biblical truth with Canvas. It’s like having an arsenal of digital highlighters, pens, and sticky notes—with the added insights of Logos tools.

This is the easiest-to-use version of Logos yet, so don’t miss your chance to get it at a great price. You can only get an extra $100 off through the end of the year, so get Logos 8 now.


  1. Walt Simmerman says

    While I understand you wanting to encourage persons to upgrade to Logos 8 by giving them an extra $100, why not extend this offer to those who have already upgraded? A person could only use it once, but I would upgrade to a higher package if offered $100 off to do so (actually I would have upgraded to the higher package the first time if $100 off were offered). I don’t understand why you would want to discourage folks from upgrading soon after release.

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Walt, Thank you for reaching out!
      The $100 discount is for first-time base package customers. Those who upgrade to Logos 8 by 12/31 receive a code for a free Fundamentals package to give to a friend. I hope this helps!
      Thank you!

  2. Sudhir Gangadharan says

    Hi, I just upgraded from Logos 7 to 8 on Nov 20. Can I get a $100 credit? It seems like I missed this opportunity to get an extra $100 discount. :(

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Sudhir,
      Thanks for reaching out! The $100 credit is for customers who are purchasing a base package for the first time. Please let us know if you have additional questions. Or you can always call our customer service team at: 800-875-6467 or +1 360-527-1700.

  3. Larry Gardner says

    I would like a Bible reading plan “card” to read Genesis to Revelation one chapter a day!