Get a Free Book, Plus 2 More for under $8

“[T]here is no one like God, the King who cares,” writes John S. Feinberg in No One Like Him: The Doctrine of God.

And this month, as you prepare to celebrate the birth of “the King who cares,” you can get No One Like Him free.

Many contemporary theologians claim that the classical picture of God Augustine and Aquinas painted is both outmoded and unbiblical. Rather than abandoning the traditional view completely, John Feinberg seeks a reconstructed model—one that reflects the ongoing advances in human understanding of God’s revelation while recognizing the unchanging nature of God and his Word.

In No One Like Him, Feinberg explores contemporary concepts of God, particularly the openness and process views. He then studies God’s being, nature, and acts, all to articulate a mediating understanding of God—not just as the King, but the King who cares.

Plus, this month you can brush up on two more doctrines of the faith for under $8:

  • He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – $2.99

    In He Who Gives Life, Graham Cole provides a comprehensive theology of the Holy Spirit. Cole illustrates the ultimate selflessness of the Holy Spirit as the member of the Trinity who always works for the glory of God the Father and God the Son and the good of the saints.

  • The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation – $4.99

    This singular, comprehensive treatment of one of Christianity’s essential doctrines gives definitive, Bible-based answers about salvation and the cross—and about related theological issues such as grace and regeneration. It’s perfect for clarifying your theology and gaining a deep understanding of this foundational theme.


Get a theology refresh this December. Grab your free book plus two more for under $8 today.


  1. Rod Rogers says:

    It is always nice to get quality, thoughtful gifts at Christmas. Thanks Faithlife staff.