5 Can’t-Miss Deals from December’s Monthly Sale

2018 is almost over—and so is your chance to get significant savings on dozens of resources.

Browse all deals, or check out these highlights:

365 Days with Spurgeon (6 vols.) – $59.99, 36% Off
Each volume in this bundle includes carefully selected devotionals from Spurgeon’s sermons, guides to where and when he preached, and Scripture and subject indexes.

Perspectives on Paul Collection (8 vols.) – $69.99, 37% Off
In these eight volumes, world-renowned scholars assess Paul and his contributions to Christianity through the lenses of theology, history, and literary criticism.

History of Old Testament Interpretation Collection (14 vols.) – $119.99, 35% Off
With over 4,000 pages of exegetical resources, this collection is an essential study of linguistics, biblical criticism, literary styles, textual criticism, translations, and contextual issues.

Church Publishing Advent and Christmas Collection (8 vols.) – $58.99, 34% Off
This collection provides material for meditation and reflection during the Advent season, including work from the greatest poets of the past 600 years.

College Press Spiritual Warfare Collection (4 vols.) – $28.99, 36% Off
The College Press Spiritual Warfare Collection aids you in your journey of discovery through Scripture’s teaching on angels, demons, the Holy Spirit, and more.


When the year turns, these deals end. Stock up on great commentaries, spiritual disciplines, and more, and get up to 44% off while you can!