4 Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Love Books

There are at least three things book lovers love doing:

  • Reading
  • Recommending good books
  • Getting free books

The Lexham Christmas Sale encourages all three.

This Christmas, buy one of these print books from Lexham Press and Kirkdale Press and get the ebook free. So you can keep one copy for yourself, and give the other to someone on your list.

Pick up these books and more in Lexham’s Christmas Sale:

Angels: What the Bible Really Says about God’s Heavenly Host by Dr. Michael Heiser – 35% off

If you read Luke 1:26–38 and imagine the angel Gabriel standing before Mary with neatly folded white wings, you’re not getting that picture from anything the Bible itself says. Heiser’s study in Angels is grounded in the terms the Bible itself uses to describe members of God’s heavenly host; he examines the terms in their biblical context while drawing on insights from the wider context of the ancient Near Eastern world.

Honoring the Son: Jesus in Earliest Christian Devotional Practice by Larry Hurtado – 35% off

In Honoring the Son, Hurtado helps readers understand Christology by examining not just what early Christians believed or wrote about Jesus, but what their devotional practices said. Drawing on his scholarship on New Testament Christology, Hurtado examines the distinctiveness of early Christian worship by reviewing Jewish worship patterns and practices within the broader Roman era.

Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels – 50% off

The Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels delivers fresh insight by paying attention to an often overlooked component of the gospel stories—their geographical setting. Written by a team of scholars with on-the-ground experience in Palestine, the Geographic Commentary lets you see the land through the disciples’ eyes as Jesus uses the surrounding landscape as the backdrop for his life and teaching.

Finding God in the Margins by Carolyn Custis James – 50% off

In Finding God in the Margins, Carolyn Custis James reveals how the book of Ruth is about God, the questions that surface when life falls apart, and the way God uses two culturally marginalized women. This bracing narrative displays a radical gospel way of living together that proclaims the kingdom of God, foreshadows the life of Jesus, and raises the bar for women and for men.

Plus, discover the ancient significance of the star in Matthew 2 with The Star of Bethlehem: Science, History, and Meaning, now 41% off.*


Which books are you buying and sharing this Christmas? Get them now in Lexham’s Christmas sale.

*Available only in digital format.


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