3 Collections to Deepen Your Bible Study—40% Off

It’s been 80 years since Clyde Dennis, a young Christian printer with a passion to proclaim the gospel, started producing Bible tracts out of his spare bedroom. In 1979, that ministry expanded into Crossway Books. Today, Crossway continues to publish gospel-centered, Bible-centered content that honors Jesus and serves his Church.

This Christmas season, stock up on Crossway bundles for 40% off.

Preaching the Word Commentary Series (40 vols.) – 40% off

Noted for its steadfast commitment to biblical authority, its readability, and its clear exposition of Scripture, the Preaching the Word Series is an ideal resource for pastors, teachers, and those seeking to enrich their personal Bible study. Experienced pastors exemplify expository preaching and provide practical applications of 45 books of the Bible, as well as the Sermon on the Mount.

Crossway Ultimate Bundle (520 vols.) – 40% off

Featuring many of the most influential Christian authors of the twentieth and twenty-first century, this collection provides readers with a rich variety of biblical exegesis, theology, pastoral teaching, life application, Church history, and devotional material. This collection:

  • Provides invaluable contributions from many of Crossway’s most influential authors
  • Includes commentaries, topical theological studies, biblical theology, and more
  • Features classic works, best sellers, and defining individual works

Crossway Theology Collection (16 vols.) – 40% off

Delve deep into important theological issues with this collection authored by some of the most influential theologians in modern Evangelicalism. Notable scholars include Wayne Grudem, John Piper, John Feinberg, Bruce Demarest, and more. This collection includes volumes focusing on specific theological issues such as open theism, major loci of systematic theology, eschatology, ethics, and the hermeneutical issue of continuity and discontinuity between the Old and New Testaments.


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